Secret Angels reformed to CHILD

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The Nehalem Bay United Methodist Church has served downtown Nehalem and the surrounding communities for generations.

Recently the Tillamook County Secret Angels (TCSA) has assisted local schools, along with help from the Nehalem Bay United Methodist Church, to provide help during back-to-school time as well as Easter and Christmas.  That program is changing now due to organizers moving out of the area.

By Brian Cameron

What used to be the Tillamook County Secret Angels (TCSA) has now been reformed into Christ’s Hands in Loving Devotion (CHILD).  A program designed to provide donation and financial assistance to schoolchildren during times of the year where material resources may be thin.

“There are changes to the program,” said Bobbie Mosher, Nehalem Bay UMC. “We would like to let the community know that the program is still around but just under a different title and with different folks helping out.”

After the previous program’s organizers decided to move out of the community the Nehalem Bay UMC decided to maintain the critical core ministry of the Secret Angel Program.  The new version of that same ministry is referred to as CHILD.  Operating in a very similar way, the CHILD program endeavors to provide direct assistance to children in need, promote partnerships with churches and secular donors in the local area in order to mitigate duplication of services, and promote partnerships with mainline churches in south Tillamook County.

“If the CHILD program is adopted by the Nehalem Bay UMC the feasibility will not only rely on the local congregation,” said Steven A. Wolff, Nehalem Bay UMC Lead Pastor. “But will seek participation and support form other area churches and organizations as well as individual donors.”

The Nehalem Bay United Methodist Church asks anyone who wants to know any additional information regarding the CHILD ministry then to please contact Bobbie Mosher and Jennie Meyers at