High School band gets $10k donation

Showing off the new Concert Bass Drum and a standard drum set as part of the newly acquired equipment at NKN High.

As part of the proceeds behind the Manzanita Music Festival and some generous funding from the NKN School District the High School Band program now has some spiffy new instruments for students to use.

By Brian Cameron
“We needed some good quality equipment,” said Russell Zaugg, NKN band instructor. “And good quality equipment in the realm of band instruments is rarely anything but expensive.”
Making good on their offer to help fund local school musical programs the Manzanita Music Festival donated $2,000 for the new equipment, that amount was matched and added to by the NKN District to round out the total to $10,000 in practically-new equipment.
“The District has always been very receptive to the band program here,” said Zaugg. “We’re very lucky to have such a generous donation and added funds for the equipment.”
Previously the band program at NKN was doing pretty well but their equipment was showing signs of severe aging. Claiming broken pieces and others that had been lost to the years the equipment previously led some to the imagination.
“What’s really nice is that even if we have outdated instruments we can still use them in the pep-band where equipment sees a lot more wear and tear,” said Zaugg. “Provided they are still useful of course.”
Earlier this year, at the beginning of the summer, the Manzanita Music Festival (MMF) went off without a hitch, and with the festive event came the intent to donate generated revenue to the Neah-Kah-Nie school system.
“We just got started doing the event,” said Beth Carter, MMF organizing director. “We felt really good about what we were doing and how it benefited the community.”
According to Carter however, the overall intent is going to take even more momentum in the future, citing a willingness to donate even more next year she feels the work ahead of them with the festival is sizeable, but not unheard of.
“I’m incredibly thankful of everyone who pitched in to help with the music festival this year,” said Carter. “But I know we can all do more, we can find even more creative way to get things done.”
Currently Carter said they don’t have a specific date set for next year’s MMF but that it is happening and they will endeavor to make it an even larger event than it has been.
Among some of the activities Carter hopes for next year, she mentioned they are hoping to have a sponsor-a-musician program where people from the community can help students who want to participate in band but don’t have the resources to do so. In addition Carter mentioned they would like more students and kids to perform live at the next Manzanita Music Festival, as a way to be more connected in their community.
“I’m happy we were able to make a meaningful contribution,” said Carter. “But our work isn’t done yet.”