The Women’s Club of Manzanita kicks off first meeting of 2017 – 2018

The Women’s Club of Manzanita – North County will kick off its first monthly meeting of the 2017 – 2018 year will be held on October 3rd at the Pine Grove Community House. The Community House is located at 225 Laneda Avenue, Manzanita. The Women’s Club meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month, October through May.
This month’s meeting will begin with social time from noon to 12:30 when lunch will be provided featuring Harvest Soups with bread and desserts. You will meet our new officers: President, Ellen Boggs; Vice-President, Robin Herrington; Secretary, Susan Calhoun; and Treasurer, Barbara Gustafson.
The program for this month will feature Historian, Mark Beach of the Nehalem Valley Historical Society. He will share stories about the historical landmarks depicted in the quilt made by several of our members for our upcoming scholarship raffle.
Women’s Club of Manzanita started in the 1920’s by a small number of women living in Manzanita when life was much more isolated and traveling in the mud and rain much more difficult. They focused on the social aspect of coming together and eventually also began to focus on helping others it he community. The Club still exists today, with the mission remaining similar to the original purpose but reaching out to all women in North County.
The Women’s Club provides an opportunity for members to meet, become better acquainted while learning about our North County communities. We demonstrate an atmosphere of friendliness, goodwill while providing relevant and resourceful information. We work together on fundraising events to contribute to organizations who support our mission of “Women Helping Women of all ages and circumstances to make lives, families and community stronger.”
Currently our membership consists of a wide variety of women with various background and ages. We welcome diversity and invite anyone interested to please attend. The first meeting will be Tuesday, October 3rd. For further information contact Ellen Boggs at 503 355 6338.