Rockaway Beach Citizens for Watershed Protection presents “Say Yes to Better Forestry!” Sept. 29

Oregonians Peter Hayes of the Hyla Forest and Ernie Niemi of Natural Resource Economics, Inc. are coming to the North Coast on September 29 to share their experiences and insights for improving forestry practices in the Northwest and beyond. The two will highlight the role of sustainability, ecological stewardship, and cost-benefit economics in forest practices that maintain both healthy forests and a healthy bottom line for communities of all shapes and sizes. Also discussed will be the key policy changes needed in Oregon to drive better forestry on state and private forests across the region.

Ernie Niemi is a scientist and economist trained at University of Oregon and Harvard. As President of Natural Resource Economics, Inc., he specializes in economic-impact analysis to understand the economic importance of natural resources. He is active on numerous advisory boards, including the Citizen’s Task Force for Developing a Strategic Plan for the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, and the Technical Advisory Committee on Land Use and Economic Development for the Oregon Dept. of Land Conservation and Development.

Peter Hayes and his family are 5th generation owners and operators of three working forests that make up the 1,000-acre Hyla Woods near Forest Grove. Their restoration forestry business experiments with models of forestry and grower-consumer partnerships that enrich the forest and sustain people. Peter serves on several non-profit boards, is a leader of the Build Local Alliance, and recently served on the Oregon Board of Forestry.

The event is hosted by the Rockaway Beach Citizens for Watershed Protection, a very active group on the North Coast working to raise public awareness about the environmental and community impacts of forest practices on water and air quality, among many other regional issues and interests.

Photo is courtesy of Peter Hayes and shows him at the controls of a saw mill at Hyla Woods.