Paws on parade with Muttzanita 2017

The Chuck-It Contest saw the contestants fetching after a brightly colored tennis ball, if they could pick it up after the boundary limit roughly 50 yards away and bring it back in record time they would go on to win the contest.

The day of the dogs came to Manzanita in the form of the annual Muttzanita 2017 community
dog-event, taking area hounds and humans on a canine cruise down Laneda, to the beach, and on stage.

By Brian Cameron
“We’re happy to be doing this again,” said Meghan Ruona, event organizer and owner of Four Paws on The Beach. “Even with the rain it seems Muttzanita is becoming
more popular every year.”
Though there was some noticeable rain coming down it wasn’t enough to dissuade pets on parade. Participants readied in the parking lot of the Red Apple grocery market and proceeded along the dog parade down Laneda Avenue, showing off their canine
prowess and obedience along the way. Leading the parade was the newly elected Mayor of Muttzanita, Tweed owned by Theresa and Julie. Who was only just recently elected by announcement at the event’s main stage just before the start of the parade.
The parade saw everyone down to the end of Laneda where the main Ocean Road beach access point is, set up midway on the beach was the main Chuck-it Contest course. Consisting of a starting
point where the owner would stand and chuck a brightly colored tennis ball, the ball had to go passed the 50 yard line in order for the chuck-it toss to be qualified, the dog would then have to retrieve it and whoever performed the feat the fastest won the race.
The winner of this year’s Chuck-it Contest was Jessie, followed by Callie in second place and Cooper for third. The first place contestant for the Musical Sit competition was Rhythm, second place was Romeo and third went to Rascal. The Pet Talent Show had Posie Alice coming in first, Buzz for second and Romeo for third place. To finish it all off with the dog costume contest, the winner in first place was Cooper, second place was Rascal, Zoe and Lizzie, and third went to Buzz.
In attendance was last year’s previous mayor, Rhythm, who was accompanied
by her owner, Aftyn Garvin, who entered Rhythm into the contests this year to take part in all the canine action.
“We thought we would come on down and have a great time,” said Garvin.
After the hubbub of the Chuck-it contest the crowd moved back up toward the main stage at the Red Apple Grocery to take part in, or check out the doggie costume contest and talent show.
The Muttzanita 2017 event brought in over $3,000 and will be donated to medical
care for local animals in need.

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