NCRD skate park graffiti vandalism under investigation

Details within the photographs below have been edited due to the offensive nature of the statement.

The Graffiti was spray painted on the metal ramps at the NCRD skate park.

Sometime during the late evening of Sept. 27 there appeared some newly applied graffiti on the half-pipe ramp of the NCRD skate park in Nehalem.

By Brian Cameron

The message conveyed on the ramp by the provocateurs was racial in nature, it was offensive to many, and has served to inspire a local conversation on where the North Coast citizens and all of Tillamook County stand on race.

“The incident is still currently under investigation,” said Lt. Horton with the Tillamook County Sheriff’s office. “So far we have not received any additional reports of other instances of graffiti like this in the County, it appears to be a singular event.”

The graffiti comes during a time of heightened national awareness of racial issues in both rural and metropolitan environments, as recently the National Fooball League has been at the center of a political row involving players choosing not to stand during the National Anthem as a peaceful protest against targeting of racial populations with law enforcement nationwide.

In apparent local fashion it appears the north Oregon Coast is not immune to the whims of national political trends.

“We have a wonderful opportunity as a community to show the nation how to be united against acts of hate of any kind,” said LaNicia Williams, owner of Coastal Soul and creator of the Oregon Coast Love Coalition. “We will prove that a zero tolerance for hate can and will be done.”

Members of the Tillamook County Sheriff’s office as well as others involved with the North County Recreation District (NCRD) urge residents to allow the law enforcement agencies to conduct a thorough investigation.

The photo has been blurred in order to not be offensive but the graffiti was racial in nature and has since been removed.
The Tillamook County Sheriff’s office is still conducting an investigation into the incident.

As part of an ongoing awareness campaign there will be a planned ‘kneel-down’ scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 30 in front of the main Post Office at 9:30 a.m. in addition the Love Coalition is planning a community meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 3.


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