Mohler month of fishing begins

The middle of September marks the beginning of fall but that doesn’t imply the season of fun, outdoor activity is over. Autumn marks the beginning of sportsman season, and for good reason.

By Brian Cameron
The Mohler Store is announcing the beginning of salmon season with their annual Big Fish Contest.
“We’re doing this in order to give a little fun incentive to Tillamook County participants,”
said Jackie Brown, Mohler Co-op Manager. “It’s in the third year and people seem to like having a prize to shoot for by simply going fishing.”
The prize that Brown is referring to is none other than a brand new fishing rod and reel, which is awarded to the participant with the heaviest fish that is caught within Tillamook County. There is no registration required to take part, all one has to do is just go fishing
anywhere within the confines of the County, then bring your fish on over to the Mohler Co-op, just about a mile on Hwy 53 from the Hwy 101 junction, they’ll measure your fish and take your photo. When the contest
finishes up in the middle of October the winners will be announced to come grab their prizes.
The next 10 largest angling
contestants are entered into a drawing for a tackle box with a $50 dollar gift certificate redeemable at Wheeler Marina. Winners do not need to be present at the time of the announcement
and ties are to be determined
by earliest entry date.
The Mohler Co-op Big Fish Contest runs from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 and the winners
will be selected on Oct. 16. The only main stipulation
is that the fish needs to be caught within the boundaries
of Tillamook County. More information can be found by calling the Mohler Co-op at 503-368-5791.

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