Cameron’s Corner: That time of year again

Almost one year ago the infamous Manzanita tornado ripped through the coastal
city causing millions in damage to houses and infrastructure, toppling trees, dislodging roofs and taking anything not bolted down along with it.
The event was a major wake-up call for residents
of Manzanita and it put the concept of tornados on our coastal radar. Who knew right?
I remember once or twice growing up around Tillamook County you’d hear of the occasional report of a twister touching
down. I remember, specifically, one that took out a single house in Garibaldi years ago, and another that hit near Eugene. But then it got personal when it hit Manzanita. I’d always felt fortunate that the disasters of catastrophic variety that we may experience here is generally
relegated to the extreme, one-time event of an earthquake/tsunami,
I had not planned on getting what is probably turning out to be a regular
tornado season.
As I write this there have been numerous confirmed reports of tornados and waterspouts impacting the Oregon and Washington coastlines,
part of large and wet weather systems moving in to quench the dry wildfires that are still currently burning in the rest of the state. One on this very morning nearly made landfall in Oceanside, right over the hill from where I live.
This is something I’d not really considered
having to deal with outside of the concept of remote-possibility. I’d not thought this could be the kind of thing I may need to actually have a very real plan for. Tornados… who knew? My house doesn’t have a basement, only a crawlspace
that my father and I have only very recently finished making… I see getting my two 3 year old twins under there somewhat problematic in the event of an actual
tornado. My plan is shaky at best I guess.
One thing I have been seeing however are efforts
by organizations such as the EVCNB which are bent on informing
the public of preparedness and procedures
in the event of an emergency, to me these efforts can really mean the difference between having a plan and not having a plan.
Looking forward I may find myself at some of those community
meetings in order to become better prepared, however I feel even a great deal of those efforts
aren’t focusing on tornados per se.
It appears however that may have to change, the North Coast has a tornado season.