Public service announcement from Rockaway Beach Police

The Rockaway Beach Police Department will have extra officers on patrol from August 21st through September 3rd participating in the ODOT seat belt enforcement “blitz”. During this time the extra patrols will be focused on drivers properly wearing seat belts, children in appropriate child restraints, as well as, speed and distracted driving. The added enforcement activity is funded through a grant from ODOT and is aimed at improving driver safety on Oregon’s roadways. A recent survey of 100 cars passing through Rockaway showed 96 percent of drivers using safety belts properly.
On August 22nd, from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM there will also be a Pedestrian Safety Exercise conducted by Rockaway Police Department. Oregon Impact grant funding will allow for additional officers on duty to conduct this exercise. Officers will be monitoring cars for proper compliance with Oregon pedestrian laws as they relate to crosswalks. The officers will be looking for cars to stop appropriately for pedestrians in crosswalks along with other vehicles trying to pass cars already stopped for the pedestrians.
In Rockaway Beach, crosswalks only involve two travel lanes and no pedestrian-specific signals. Therefore, the following applies at all marked and unmarked crosswalks in Rockaway Beach: A vehicle must stop and remain stopped until the pedestrian(s) have cleared the lane the vehicle is traveling in or turning into, and the pedestrian(s) have cleared the lane adjacent to the lane the vehicle is traveling in or turning into.
If you have questions about these projects, please feel free to contact Sergeant Sean Ahlers at the Rockaway Beach Police Department or by phone at (503)355-2252.