NCRD parking lot finishes, more on horizon

Adding the finishing touches to the newly paved and remodeled parking area, the North County Recreation District (NCRD) looks ahead to a list of future projects, just as this one currently finishes up.

By Brian Cameron
“This has been the main focus for a while,” said David Wiegan, NCRD Executive Director. “There are only a few days left on this project and then its on to the next one.”
Wiegan is referring to a variety of tasks ahead of the NCRD as the summer comes to a close and fall fundraising season begins.
“Next up is preparing for the fall launch of our capital campaign for our new pool, we just received the revised renderings from our pool architect and its looking to be a really great project for the NCRD.”
The new pool is set to be at least 50 percent larger than the current one, as well as include a much larger warm water pool, jacuzzi and a water slide for the younger members.
“It is set to be quite the massive upgrade,” said Wiegan.
The new pool project is set to a hefty cost of approximately $8.2 million and currently the recreation district only has around $1.5 million set aside for the renovation, needless to say the organization has its work cut out for them with fundraising, but according to Wiegan some of the work is already underway to help prepare the NCRD for its fall fundraising season.
Wiegan indicates there is currently a documentary film in the works that they have been working on since March, suggesting they actually have the problem of too much footage and says it will be a challenge to edit everything down to a half-hour presentation.
In addition to the pool project and the fundraising efforts behind it, the NCRD is also planning on building an ADA accessible restroom in the Welcome Center area, as well as working on a feasibility study regarding the completion of a home remodel of a house the organization purchased that is across the street from the main NCRD building.
“The house requires a lot of work but if we can get it done we may be able to use it in a variety of ways including offices or even a rental property,” said Wiegan. “There’s just not as much time as anyone would like to address all of this at once, so we have to approach each project one at a time.”