Mapes Creek culvert to be replaced by bridge on Kilchis River Road

Representatives from the Tillamook Estuaries Partnership, as well as others from the Environmental Protection Agency and other conservation groups take a field trip to the Mapes Creek Culvert in June. The project is part of a number of others TEP has undertaken to help restore and improve salmon habitat.

The initial design work has been completed by Tillamook County Public Works and the Tillamook Estuaries Partnership regarding a proposal to replace an ailing culvert with a modernized bridge that runs over Mapes Creek.

By Brian Cameron
“The existing culvert is nearing the end of its service,” said representatives of Tillamook County Public Works. “Because its undersized it is at risk of plugging with organic matter and streambed materials.”
According to Tillamook County Public Works and the Tillamook Estuaries Partnership the new bridge will open up stream habitat for migratory fish and other aquatic wildlife.
After a competitive bid process the main contractor that has been chosen for the project is Pacific Bridge out of Sandy, Ore. They will be replacing the old rusty culvert with a 32-foot long concrete bridge. Construction activities will begin during the last week of June and continue until mid to late September.
Traffic will be generally un-interrupted during construction as the contractor will be building a temporary single-lane bypass which will remain in place until the main bridge can be completed. While it is intended to slow traffic a little it will provide uninterrupted flow for businesses, residents and visitors to the Kilchis River area. The temporary bypass will be capable of handling travel trailers, semi trucks and any other traffic that frequents the area.
The Mapes Creek crossing is located on Kilchis River Road approximately 2.5 miles east of Highway 101. Any questions and concerns can be directed to the Tillamook County Public Works Department at 503-842-3419.