Manzanita City Council approves IGA for added patrol

During the Manzanita City Council meeting for the month of July the Council broached the topic of renewing the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) the city has with Oregon State Parks, helping fund continued police patrol services through the North Coast area.

By Brian Cameron
“It works well to have additional coverage at Nehalem Bay State Park and Oswald West State Park,” said Park Manager Ben Cox. “We’ve had a very good relationship with the Manzanita Police Department.”
The IGA that was approved by the council essentially re-ups the previous agreement the City has had with regards to the continued funding of the Manzanita Police Department. Currently there are times when additional police services are needed but the officers are stretched thin during the summer season.
As the previous IGA stands it utilizes the Oregon State Police to aid in providing traffic-services to Nehalem and Wheeler, however if there is a serious problem the chain of command then suggests the County Sheriff step in. If, in the event they can’t handle it, only then do calls get forwarded to the Manzanita City Police. This particular IGA will provide additional funding to help bring Oregon State Police in and around the area from time to time as added patrol coverage.
Much of that coverage will be focused on responding to events that take place in the State Park areas of north Tillamook County, which will free up the ability of the Manzanita City Police just a little bit so they can help with more local events if need be.
“Every year we revisit the existing IGA and see if we need to tweak it at all,” said Kristen Grasseth with the City of Manzanita. “Every one or two years we like to do an update to make sure the agreement is current.”
According to the City Manager of Nehalem, Dale Shafer, their current IGA with Manzanita maintains an active police department and provide Nehalem with the consistent police services; 20 hours per month of coverage for neighborhood patrols, traffic and other patrols, emergency response and other associated duties such as assisting the Tillamook County Sheriff with investigations, reporting and court appearances.
“Nehalem wouldn’t have anything to do with IGA’s between Manzanita and Nehalem Bay State Park,” said Shafer. Though it should be pointed out that the inherent proximity between Manzanita, Nehalem and the State Park suggest some overlap is possible. Police business is status quo, with a little extra funds for additional coverage for existing patrols.