Manzanita Beach Walk and Run 2017 goes off without a hitch

Last week the North County Recreation District (NCRD) held its annual 5K and 10K beach walk and run, a packed event and fun for the whole family, the event went off without a hitch as runners and walkers raced to the finish.

By Brian Cameron
Featuring three separate events the Manzanita Beach Walk and Run offers a 5K run, 10K run and a 1 mile relay for kids.
Coming in first place for the kids’ 1 mile race was 10 year old Hayden Edwards who finished with a time of 7:47:01. Second place in the kids bracket was Kyle Weichel of Seaside, the 8 year old runner made the mile in 8:08:05.
For the 5K the results awarded Pete Frazee of Junction City first prize, the 18 year old made a perfect six minute mile and had a total time of 18:39:07. For second place in the 5K Chris Weinmann, 37 of Warrenton, came in with 20:24 with an average of a 6:34 mile.
The 10K results put Jon Mathiesen, 49 of Kalamazoo Michigan, got a 6:04 minute mile with a total time of 37:41:01. Second place was awarded to Scottie McCulloch, 38, with a time of 41:10:08 with an average of a 6:38 minute mile.
The Manzanita Walk and Run turned out to be a success according to race organizer Jeremy Mulcahy-Hill who facilitated the entire event on behalf of NCRD.
“It was a great time, everyone had fun and afterward having the Manzanita Music Festival to attend right after the race was a great finish to a great race,” said Mulcahy-Hill.