Manz City Council chooses Nuttall for council vacancy

With the vacancy on Manzanita City Council, the group of elected considered applications submitted to the city for Leila Salmon’s replacement, who stepped down in July.

By Brian Cameron
The City Council appointed Steve Nuttall to finish out Salmon’s term.
Among the three applicants, Nuttall won the favor of the council and was interviewed and sworn in during the meeting on Aug. 9. The others who went for the position were Annie Naranjo-Rivera and Thomas Aschenbrener.
“Out of the three very talented individuals I was up against for the position I’m humbled the council chose me,” Nuttall said, the following morning after his appointment. “I very much enjoy the community of Manzanita and am happy to be involved with the council and look forward to serving this great community.”
Nuttall hails originally from Bellevue, Wash., in the greater Seattle metropolitan area. After spending more than 35 years as a career firefighter and marshal for various fire departments in and around the Seattle area, he and his wife found themselves with an empty nest and near to retirement so they made the decision to utilize a vacation home they’d purchased in Manzanita and moved to the Oregon Coast as fulltime residents.
“Its been a fantastic decision to move, the community, people, friends we have here,” said Nuttall. “My wife is heavily involved in the creative pursuits of the community and I’ve sort of been looking for my place too. I feel being on the Council will help with that quite a bit.”
Regarding the issues ahead of the council in the near future, Nuttall said he’s going to avoid following any specific personal agenda and instead focus on continuing his role until the term is up next year.
“There’s a lot on the plate for the City Council over the next few months,” said Nuttall. “I’m going to do my best and help the council through those hurdles and then hopefully focus on running again next year for a full term.”
For now, Nuttall is focused on learning the processes of the city government in Manzanita and looks forward to helping course the community he’s learned to call home.