Eclipse visitors asked to be mindful of wildfire danger during the historic event

Hot and dry weather has heightened the chances of wildfire starting in the Oregon Department of Forestry’s West Oregon District. So district fire officials are asking for the public’s help to prevent wildfires, especially during next week’s solar eclipse when thousands of visitors to the area are expected.
“We are excited to be the first place where the 2017 eclipse will be visible. The path of totality will pass directly over our area, starting on the coast and traveling east toward the Cascades. However, there is a lot of forest and grasslands in our region. August is one of our driest months, so wildfire is a big concern,” said Community Wildfire Forester Pat MacMeekin with the West Oregon District.
“It’s really important visitors know the local fire restrictions, especially out-of-town visitors who may not be familiar with our restrictions,” said MacMeekin.
In Benton, Polk, Lincoln, and Yamhill counties, some of those fire restrictions include:
* No campfires
* No smoking
* No motorized vehicles off roads
* No fireworks
Additionally, visitors may be required to carry a shovel and 1 gallon of water or one 2 ?1/2 lb. ABC-rated fire extinguisher in their vehicle for fire suppression.
“We want the public to enjoy our state, and have fun during the eclipse, but be smart when it comes to fire. Parking a vehicle in dry grass, or discarding a cigarette out of a window can easily start a wildfire,” said MacMeekin
For further information and a complete list of public fire restrictions, please call the Oregon Department of Forestry weekdays during regular business hours or visit ODF’s Fire Restrictions and Closures web page at
* Benton County — Philomath Office 541-929-3266
* Lincoln County — Toledo Office 541-336-2273
* Polk or Yamhill counties — Dallas Office 503-934-8146