Results are in, Manzanita July 4 Parade

Photo by Dan Haag

Though not the most active year as far as the Manzanita Fourth of July Parade is concerned the weather brought out the community spirit regardless of the official numbers.

By Brian Cameron

Since 2009 the numbers for the parade as far as attendance, floats, walkers, bikers, equestrian and auto entries to the event have had some spikes in some years and dips in others, and if the numbers are some kind of indicator this year came in as the lowest recorded. Beginning in 2009 the totals for the parade started off around 108, and raising to its record height at 129 in 2014’s July 4 parade. However since the high-spike of entries the parade has slipped down to the lowest its been in quite a while, down to 75.

Don’t let numbers fool you however, parade attendance shouldn’t be an indicator of the overall success and functionality of the event itself, its merely a number to describe the amount of parade performers, drivers and other entrants.

The crowd didn’t seem to waver in numbers at around the same its hovered at in previous years, approximately 4,000 to 5,000 with a notable increase in folks along Manzanita Avenue.

The event brought in $469 in donations which was earmarked for souvenir ribbons, buttons, porta-potty rentals and signage for the parade. There was no reported problems and according to the City of Manzanita everyone followed the new chair policy and according to City Manager Jerry Taylor, “It was another great parade!”

2017 Parade Results:

– Bike/cart/walk (under 16): 21
– Bike/cart/walk (adult): 11
– Band: 0
– Float (Under 16): 3
– Float (adult): 12
– Equestrian: 1
– Auto (Classic or Antique): 27

Total: 75