NCRD commemorates 20th anniversary

Despite record setting temperatures the North County Recreation District (NCRD) hailed its twentieth year serving the communities of North Tillamook County.

With temperatures bordering on triple digits the celebration of NCRD’s twentieth anniversary went off without a hitch as visitors were greeted to live music, dance performances, a presentation by Commissioner David Yamamoto, games and activities for kids as well as a live Tai-Kwan-Do demonstration with music by Rhythm Method.

“In spite of all the heat it was a nice event.” Said NCRD Director David Wiegan.
The event also featured a raffle with the prize of an annual membership to the NCRD, which went to Jean Yeonnell.

There were bouncy houses for kids, live music, hot dogs and refreshments. The theme of the celebration was ‘the roaring twenties’ and guests came dressed as 1920’s era flappers and pin-stripe suites dotted the crowd. It was to commemorate the NCRD building being constructed in the 20’s so it made sense to theme the celebration off of that era.

“Several hundred people came,” said Wiegan. “So it was a good day for us at NCRD.”