Letter to The Editor – Why a survey?

In their recent community presentations on the Village at Manzanita, Encore Investments LLC has mentioned the results of a survey I did of six Oregon coastal nine-hole golf courses. I feel it is important the community know 1) why I did the survey and 2) the results of said survey.
1)Why the survey: In the proposal, nine-hole courses along the Oregon coast were not mentioned, only national trends. Since Encore Investments had not explored that option, I felt it was important for the Manzanita Planning Commission to have a current picture of the six Oregon coastal nine-hole courses so they would have a better means of gauging the viability of golf courses such as ours as they reviewed the proposal.
2) Results of survey: Of the six, I received only three responses – two were on the survey form, one was done by phone. The three responses indicated they were struggling to make a profit. I did not receive responses from the other three courses. Based on only three responses, one could not say all the courses along the coast followed the national trend. The survey I sent was not scientifically done, and quite frankly, its results could be questioned…and because of that status and their use of said data, I can only question their use of this survey and other data in the presentations and proposal. In referring to this survey the presenters did not indicate why I did the survey or its full results. In other words, they did not provide full disclosure.
I do not support closing the golf course September 30th. The course could still provide a venue for the community and visitors to enjoy if it had a viable business operating plan. To my knowledge Encore Investments LLC has not explored such an option. Their interest in the golf course lies only in if it can attract buyers to the Village at Manzanita.
I have responded to their proposed Village at Manzanita in a document on file at Manzanita City Hall which also has a copy of the survey results and letter sent with the survey. I encourage you to read it. In no way, and particularly after the manner in which they presented the survey results, do I support their proposal.

Sandy Heaman,