Guest Letter: Local heroes save canine companion

We would like to acknowledge the Nahalem Fire & Rescue staff, Chief Perry Sherbaugh and Joe Rameriz who helped to release our beloved border collie, Sadie’s paw from a dining room table that turned into a trap!
We were just finishing dinner and Sadie was right under the dining room table as she always is during a meal. It was a somewhat clear night, so someone mentioned going to see the sunset. The word “GO” is one of Sadie’s favorites and she jumped up, but upon trying to jump up, her paw and leg became entangled in a curly-cue in our wrought iron table. She let out several curdling shrieks and we panicked, thinking one of us had stepped on her tail.
When we finally figured out what had happened we tried to pull her leg out, but it was twisted and entangled in the curly-cue of the table. We felt helpless and panicked to see Sadie in so much pain and called 911 in desperation to see if the fire department could help. The dispatcher said she would see if they might take a call for a dog.

Chief Perry Sherbaugh and Joe Remeriz arrived at our house quickly and assessed the situation. Once they realized that it would be difficult to reposition Sadie to remove her leg from the trap, they decided the best plan of action was to cut the curly-cue she was stuck in. They used a grinder to cut her free, but before slowly cutting the table they took the time to get her used to the noise and made sure that her eyes were covered so she couldn’t see the sparks – they were so meticulous and thoughtful in the way that they approached their challenge. As they got close to cutting through they used their small hack saw, cutting away the last of the metal by hand. We all felt like we were in good hands and we want to acknowledge these local heroes for going above and beyond to set Sadie free from the table that became a trap!
Many thanks to Perry, Joe, our friend Dustin Dumoulin (who was recovering from surgery and rushed over to help) and Nahalem Animal Healing for making our community such an amazing place to live.
Ginnie Young, Janie Lowe, and Sadie too.