‘Doubt, A Parable’ slated for July 14-30 at NCRD

Getting a chance to catch up with Director George Dzundza about an upcoming production his performing arts group is putting on at NCRD (North County Recreation District).

Set amidst the socially charged backdrop of the Bronx, New York in 1964 the production takes the audience inside the fictional Saint Nicholas Church School as well as inside their own consciences as a number of characters perform the roles of Father Flynn, the school’s progressive parish priest, Sister Aloysius as the conservative nun principal, Sister James, a younger impressionable nun, and Mrs. Muller, mother to the school’s first African American Student, Donald Muller.

“The performance begs to ask the question; what do you do when you’re not sure,” said Dzundza. “What if you’re accused but can’t defend yourself?”

Rumors of misconduct arise from the whims of Sister Aloysius, aimed at Father Flynn for allegedly having an inappropriate meeting with Donald Muller. Conflict ensues as she confronts the priest with her allegations only to be vehemently denied by Flynn. Only later do we learn the nature of the allegations, what the meeting was all about and why it seems everything is afoot at the Saint Nicholas Church School.

When asked why he chose to direct this particular performance Dzundza listed off an impressive list of awards the play has received but he also makes a comparison to modern day as well.

“It’s set in a time period with may similarities to our own,” said Dzundza. “Riots, protest, and civil unrest with a variety of political actions of the time that helped course the civil rights era.”

Father Flynn is played by Joseph Oyala, Sister Aloysious is Margaret Page, Brenna Sage plays Sister James and Sue Meyers-Neuer.

Dzundza is no stranger to stage and screen after having an extensive career in Hollywood himself. Some of the films he has starred in range from the classic “The Deer Hunter,” where Dzundza shared the screen with Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken and Meryl Streep. He has also starred in a number of other films including Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington’s “Crimson Tide.” “Dangerous Minds” with Michelle Pfeifer and “Basic Instinct” with Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone.

“Doubt, A Parable,” is the second performance by Rising Tide Productions, which is technically based in the Netarts area but they intend to hold the performance at the NCRD in Nehalem.

The show will play Fri-Sun from July 14 to July 30. Shows on Fri and Sat start at 7 p.m. and Sunday matinees at 2 p.m. NCRD is located at 36155 9th Street in downtown Nehalem. The performance contains adult content and tickets are available at the door for $20 each, cash and check only.