Carmel Street construction; short and sweet

Carmel Street

With the summer season in full swing it was of utmost importance to get to the brass tacks of repairs that were scheduled for Carmel Street at the beginning of the summer.

With only a brief closure right before the 4th of July holiday the grading, paving and finishing touches were put on Carmel Street in order to make the weekend, and the rest of the summer run smoothly for Manzanita.

“We are really very happy with the work Advanced Excavation has done on Carmel Street,” said Assistant City Manager Cynthia Alamillo. “They said they were going to endeavor to have the main body of paving complete before the holiday, and they delivered on that promise.”

The City of Manzanita is pleased with utilizing Advanced Excavation as it keeps the repair dollars local and the propensity to finish the project on time and on budget is motivated by they themselves being local as well, who understand the seasonal needs of downtown Manzanita.

“Though it seems the work is finished there is still some work to be done,” said Alamillo. “They will be closing off the street periodically to do the final touches to the project throughout the rest of the summer with only local access permitted, but no through traffic.”