North Oregon beach data regarding the bacteria standard – results

Final sampling results from May 30, 2017 for Mid Coast beaches are now available (see table at end of email). All sampling locations were below the current* bacteria standard for recreational water quality (130 MPN/100mL).

*Starting for the 2017 monitoring season, the bacteria standard, also known as the beach action value (BAV) has been reduced from 158 to 130 MPN per new EPA guidelines. The BAV is the standard for issuing and lifting advisories. More information is available on our BAV webpage. Similar to last year, we will rotate a three week sampling schedule throughout the season. The table below contains the 18 beaches that will be monitored this season, starting with the North Coast beaches listed for Week 1.

​​Week ​Monitored Beaches
​1 Seaside, Cannon, Tolovana, Short Sand​
​2 Rockaway, Twin Rocks, Neskowin, D River, Agate, Beverly, N​ye, Seal Rock​
3​ ​Nye, Seal Rock, Heceta, Bastendorff, Sunset Bay, Hubbard​, Harris, Crissey Fields

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Oregon Beach Monitoring Program (OBMP) FINAL RESULTS
Site ID Site Description marine or fresh Date Sampled Enterococcus (MPN/100mL)
29386 Rockaway Beach at Rock Creek (South 1st Avenue) marine 5/30/2017 <10
34724 Rock Cr. at Rockaway Beach (South 1st Ave. parking area) fresh 5/30/2017 <10
29385 Rockaway Beach at Saltair creek (South 6th Avenue) marine 5/30/2017 <10
34725 Saltair Cr. at Rockaway Beach (South 6th Ave. access) fresh 5/30/2017 <10
30510 Twin Rocks Beach at Watseco Creek marine 5/30/2017 <10
30890 Watseco/Heltmiller CR at Twin Rocks Beach at W of Pacific ST fresh 5/30/2017 10
10526 D River at Hwy. 101 Bridge fresh 5/30/2017 <10 FP
10526 D River at Hwy. 101 Bridge (Duplicate) fresh 5/30/2017 10 FD
29346 D River Beach at north corner of parking lot marine 5/30/2017 86 FP
29346 D River Beach at north corner of parking lot (Duplicate) marine 5/30/2017 106 FD
29345 D River Beach west of restroom marine 5/30/2017 <10
29344 D River Beach 200 meters south of restroom marine 5/30/2017 <10
38607 Hawk Creek at the Salem Avenue bridge fresh 5/30/2017 20
38608 Neskowin Creek 50 m upstream of the confluence with Hawk Creek fresh 5/30/2017 <10
30513 Neskowin Beach marine 5/30/2017 <10
32133 Neskowin Beach 100 meters south of Neskowin Creek marine 5/30/2017 <10