NKN High tosses tassels skyward (photos + video)

The NKN Class of 2017 held their graduation ceremony to celebrate the seniors heading out into the word of work, education and life after high school.

Class of 2017 graduates amidst ‘Pomp and Circumstance’

By Brian Cameron

On the morning of June 3 the Neah-Kah-Nie class of 2017 congregated in the lower gym of the NKN High School to commence with their graduation ceremony.
A packed-full gymnasium marked the event and it was standing room only as family took their seats and onlookers got to the sides as the ceremony unfolded.  Starting off the ceremony NKN Senior class president Greg Elligson got up to present some awards to deserving staff in the form of a brand new computer as well as eight-dozen new gym towels.  Standing beside Elligson was Senior Tyler Kirkpatrick who presented NKN teacher Becky Smith with a signed card of gratitude from the entire class as she prepares to go into retirement, hoots and appreciative hollers ensued.
Afterward a speech presented by Senior class Valedictorian Samantha Noregaard hit the heartstrings of everyone in the audience as she conveyed the collective feeling of leaving everything familiar to a future all their own.
NKN Principal Dr. Heidi Buckmaster then took the podium to give words of wisdom and recollection to the graduating class, followed by an uplifting speech by outgoing teacher Becky Smith.
A video prepared by the students played on the large pull-down screen and depicted numerous photos of the class as youngsters as well as comparative older images, afterward another slideshow showing each student and where they were heading after high school rolled and showed a variety of colleges, trade schools, workforces and even a few listed as “undecided.”
Following the various speeches it was then time for the class to be presented and as the Principal welcomed School District Chair Terry Kelly to the stage to assist in handing out Diplomas the crowd murmured to a hush as names began to be read off in alphabetical order.
With the ceremony coming to a close the class and families then met outside on the entrance parking lot to the high school to take group photos, selfies, exchange hello’s, goodbye’s and likely planning of summer activities.
On behalf of the North Coast Citizen, congratulations to the Class of 2017.

Video Clip:

Way to go NKN class of 2017, the high school seniors celebrated a long-earned graduation ceremony this morning at Neah-Kah-Nie High School