Big bucks everywhere

A million here and there along with a few trillion and you could be talking about some serious money. Mostly it is about amounts that we mortals will never have to deal with. Since I am closing in on my 87th birthday, I don’t spend much time worrying about those kinds of numbers and will surely never be asked to pay much into the world wide problems brought about by the number crunching people.

The Old Geezer
Walt Trandum

I remember a “Dennis the Menace “ cartoon. There was this man sitting in the seat of a very fancy convertible on the floor of a car agency. Dennis uttered these words. “Go for it dad, mom says we could buy a new toaster if things go right.”
I don’t remember when the trillion dollar number was in the news just about every day. I guess there are only a few people in the world who might use those figures while talking about their own welfare.
Maybe my thoughts about money comes from my meager beginning. I have a piece of paper in my files that is the mortgage recipe for the only home my parents ever bought. It is for $1,200.00 and was to be paid back at $17.00 per month. I also have the payment book that shows the money being paid at the bank each month and they were not always on time.
I also remember the first home that my wife and I bought using my GI Bill money it was for $8,900 for a brand new home. Dad said that inflation was just taking over the world. Our payments were $89.00 per month and that included taxes and insurance.
Perhaps the only saving factor with all these new numbers is that I will never know how it all works out. Perhaps they will devalue the money so a person will not have to carry their walking around money in a huge paper bag. I suppose they will still have the penny and you will need a wheel barrow to tote your spare change. I remember being in Europe before they devalued the money in France. I think the rate was around17 to one US Dollar when they made the change. I took a cab back to the hotel one day and as I exited I handed the driver a nice looking coin. He promptly threw it out the window. The doorman told me that I had just tipped him one third of a cent.
Oh folks will learn how to work the system and I guess they can still carry a bit of cash in their pockets. Plastic seems to be what most people use these days. Once in while I pay for something with cash and have to watch the clerk counting on their fingers to see if I had given them enough. Monthly payments for rent and taxes amounts to a lot of money. Some of us got lucky and came out of all these days with enough money to see us until the end.   Nobody I know has accumulated any billions or trillions. If they have they are doing a pretty good job of hiding it from those people who would like to help themselves of what has been saved. We now spend more for breakfast than we did for a months rent in the good old days. We are driving around in cars and trucks that cost more than a home. They get better mileage, but the price of gas has soared.
Not many people mention another startling fact. That would be the population numbers. We are about 300 million and China has one billion three hundred million. We are not much more than an outpost when you compare the numbers. I guess that if I had some kind of product to sell, it would be pretty smart to look at them as a market.
All these big numbers are giving me a bit of a head ache and I think I should go back to worrying about trying to remember if I have taken my medicine. I think about that a couple million times a day