Spirits aplenty at MacGregor’s Whiskey Bar

Denizens of Manzanita, brace yourselves for the newest locale for sampling and partaking in the Pacific Northwest’s, and indeed the world’s, best examples of distilled whiskey, bourbon, scotch, rum and vodka.

Owner Chip MacGregor stands next to the new sign that will direct visitors of Manzanita to the area’s first whiskey bar, ground zero for select local, regional and international examples of distilled spirits.

By Brian Cameron

MacGregor’s Whiskey Bar is set to open its doors to patrons and locals of Manzanita who wish to sample and savor some of the best distilled liquor around.  Learn the difference between Canadian and Kentucky bourbons, whiskey, scotch and even some fine quality rum as you take in the hustle and bustle of Manzanita’s busy Laneda Avenue.
“About 10 years ago I felt I needed to get out of the rat-race that is the world of entertainment publishing,” MacGregor said.  “At the time I was with Time Warner and just feeling like I needed out of that world so I moved to Manzanita and have never looked back.”
MacGregor’s main point of passion lies in professional level publishing and he has his PhD in Organizational Theory, for a period of time he worked at Oxford University and has held reporting, editing and collaborative positions in the news world as well, clearly MacGregor has a long history of top-level profession under his belt and when the opportunity to start his own whiskey bar came available he jumped at the chance.
“Ironically the tornado that ravaged through Manzanita last year was the spurring catalyst that enabled me to seize this opportunity.”  MacGregor said. “Sadly the wine bar Vino decided to not reopen after the devastation and the space was perfect for what I wanted to do.”
After trying on the hipster-pants of downtown Portland when he first moved to the Northwest he found the culture and vibe weren’t right for him so he decided to live full time in Manzanita after trying to split his time between coast and valley. He founded his own publishing company called MacGregor Literary and according to MacGregor himself the whiskey bar is a natural progression from the literary world.
“It just seemed a great next step,” MacGregor said. “Though I’ve always been a book guy the notion of starting a whiskey bar almost went hand in hand with the literary world.”
MacGregor’s will feature a full bar with specialty local brews and regional wine but the main focus is brown liquor, over 150 to be precise.  Single malt scotch, high end Irish Whiskey, the best bourbons to be found, Japanese whiskey, whistle pig Rhys and specialty rums are all on the drink list at MacGregor’s.  They’ll also arrange a taster flight for anyone wanting to compare and contrast the different types on the menu.  Though in addition to spirits they’ll also be serving up small food plates, charcuterie, soups and high end desserts with a focus on local ingredients, homemade regional chocolates, pâté from Olympic Provisions, Tillamook Mac and Cheese and also plan on hosting drink specials, trivia nights, local’s night, teach-a-drink courses and other calendar events throughout the summer months.
“It’s always been a dream of mine to open a high-end whiskey bar on the Oregon Coast,” MacGregor said. “And here we are, hopefully set to open for Memorial Day weekend.”
MacGregor’s is located in the old Vino wine bar location at at 387 Laneda Avenue, Suite D, right behind the redeveloped Moxie storefront.