Salmonberry Saloon takes shape in old Tsunami Grill locale

By Brian Cameron

Introducing the Salmonberry Saloon, the soon-to-be staple of Wheeler’s waterfront for family dining, lunch, dinner, drinks and possibly a breakfast service. Located in the old Tsunami Grill building, which ceased business operations last year, the only thing evident to passers by is a vinyl banner sign reading “Salmonberry Saloon coming soon.”
After sitting down with the new owners Chantelle Hylton and Patrick Rock they gave some indications of what things are going to be like for the Saloon as its scheduled to open in July.
“The coast is a magical wonderland for me,” said Patrick Rock. “I am thrilled to be back in an area I have had some roots with growing up.”
Patrick originally hailed from Portland but moved to Astoria later on and lived in Cannon Beach, Manzanita and has fond memories of growing up along the coast.
“My dad used to work at the old Brighton Marina, my aunt and uncle were involved in Wheeler too,” Rock said. “When I heard the Tsunami Bar and Grill was up for sale I just felt I had to whatever I could to get it.”
After spending his younger years in Oregon Rock decided to head to art school and attended the San Francisco Art Institute, running a contemporary fine art gallery and private art instructional studio there and also in Detroit he felt he had to do something different, and when his wife Chantelle Hylton learned of the building in Wheeler opening they decided to put the house and the gallery on the market and move on down to the coast.
“I had a number of year’s experience in event and venue organization in New York and I originally grew up in Hawaii.” Hylton said. “I knew Patrick and I wanted to eventually get out to the coast and when I saw the opportunity I felt we needed to jump at it.”
The Salmonberry Saloon is set to open its doors to customers in July and there’s a number of renovation projects they are still in process of before they can do it, but with a full service kitchen, dining area, deck and bar it’ll be sure to be a place in Wheeler to take in the view while enjoying a burger, salad, chowder or whatever else may be on the locally sourced menu.