Meet Manzanita’s Assistant City Manager

After five months in the position of Assistant to the City Manager the North Coast Citizen got a chance to catch up with Cynthia Alamillo to learn a little bit about her and what brought her to Manzanita.

Cynthia Alamillo accepted the position of Assistant to the Manzanita City Manager and fills her day with a great deal of civil tasks, she has been in the position for five months and hopes to continue doing her work for the City of Manzanita. – Courtesy Photo/Cynthia Alamillo

Originally hailing from Ciudad Juarez in Mexico Alamillo’s family officially immigrated to the United States and settled in El Paso, Texas just over the border.  She spent her youth there and once she was old enough to look at higher education she jumped at the chance to attend.
“I got my undergraduate degree in Supply Chain Management from the University of Texas at El Paso,” Alamillo said. “Afterward at Portland State University I was worried about high tuition costs for my Master’s program and found classes like public administration readily available so I decided to check them out.”
Alamillo decided to make a move to Portland to attend Portland State University and has considered herself a resident of the Pacific Northwest ever since.  Prior to moving to Manzantia Alamillo performed dual internships with the cities of West Lynn and Sherwood in the greater Portland Metro area and when she saw the position was available on the coast she moved at the chance that was available.
“I felt my personality could be an asset so I decided to follow my dream into city management and public life,” Alamillo said. “Living in a small town made me think about things differently but so far its been a welcome change.”
According to Alamillo the people she’s had the opportunity to work with and meet in Manzanita have been incredibly supportive.
“I feel very good about moving here and the position I accepted,” said Alamillo. “I felt very welcome by the community.”
Alamillo cites travel as a passion of hers and got a chance to do quite a bit of it prior to taking the position of Assistant City Manager.  She took some time to see a great deal of the United States and then headed south to Mexico City, Puebla and other parts of Mexico.
Intending to perhaps in the future get a dog, Alamillo was taken back by how forward thinking Manazita is in regards to canine companions and hopes to have one now that she’s a little more settled in town.


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  1. At the meeting re: the Village at Manzanita I noticed that the map of the proposed development showed my street, Mulligan Dr, as open to Necarney. This change would mean Mulligan Dr would be a straight shot for the large rvs coming and going to the state park. Please reassure me that this will not happen.

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