“We clean up the ocean one stream at a time” – Nature Photo Contest

This photo contest is sponsored by Organic Valley and the photo contest
winner will win one year of free Organic Valley Products worth over 1000
dollars. All proceeds will go directly into the Beach Plastic recycling Fund for
cleaner beaches, An Ocean Blue Program to up cycle beach plastic to keep
this beach rubbish out of our landfills.
How to enter the Nature Photo Contest?
Take photos of rivers, birds, bees, or anything related to nature. Pay raffel
fee, and upload your best photo. Winner will be announced by email, soical
media, and on our web site on December 22nd 2017 at 11 pm.
Photo contestants can purchase up to 20 raffle/photo entries per contestant.
(that’s 20 photo opportunities to win)
Three Simple Steps to Enter and each raffle ticket is $5 dollars per
raffle/photo entry.
1. Step number one
Buy Raffle Ticket From the Link below, or by visiting the
Ocean Blue Store.
One raffle payment allows you to enter one photo.
Twenty Raffle tickets per person and twenty
photo uploads per person.
2. Step number two
Up Load Your Amazing Nature Photos and keep payment receipt it is tax
3. Step Three and Last Step
All proceeds go to clean up beaches and plastic recycling. For Research and
Records the Ocean Blue Tax Nonprofit Number: #75-3022057
Upload your photo to complete contest entry
Enter Photo After Raffel Payment
About the Plastic Clean Up
Oregon Coast Clean Up Fund to save marine wildlife one clean up at a time.
Photo contest is in support of Oregon Ocean Day Clean Up Celebration in
Manzanita, Oregon on June 11th 2017.
What is Beach Plastic Up cycling?
Why is Ocean Blue raising donations to collect bulk plastic collected from
Ocean Blue will be sending all bulk plastic to a company which the plastic will
be up cycled into other products like the head and shoulders shampoo bottle
you may have seen advertised. Our goal is to lower excess garbage going
into our landfill.
Ocean would like to say Thank you to everyone picking up plastic and beach
rubbish daily as you all are walking the beach. Ocean Blue would like to offer
plastic drop locations to allow stewards to be able to take part in this plastic
removal project.
We dream to have 15 drop locations that volunteers can weigh in the plastic
fragments, and add their name to a list of supporters taking part in saving
the marine wildlife and our Oregon Coast!
Recently, Kate Brown sign a proclamation Ocean Blue formulated,
announcing April 23rd, “The Annual Coast Cleanup and Awareness Day for
Oregon” . This day all nonprofit, schools, business, and communities are
encouraged to take part in a Coast Celebration in the name to Protect Marine
Wildlife. Ocean Blue Project has forward this proclamation to the White
House in hope The President signs a Executive Order for April 23rd to be the
Annual Coast Cleanup and Awareness Day all Coastal Cities in the United
If you have a shared the belief in lowering plastic pollution, and would like to
join this cleanup event, please register at .
“Ocean Blue Project Inc. is dedicated to protecting the ocean, rivers, and
urban streams because a healthy community starts with a healthy river,”
said Richard Arterbury, President of OBP. “Participating in a beach cleanup is
one way that citizens can do their part for the beaches we all love. Clean and
healthy beaches provide everything from clean drinking water to recreation
opportunities to fish and wildlife habitat. The Ocean Blue Project is committed to keeping the ocean,
beaches, and rivers clean so we can protect and restore them for us – and
future generations.”
OBP’s mission is to protect and conserve the environment through education and
reducing pollution. They utilize an organic approach including mycofiltration which
uses fungi in urban streams, environmental outreach, and community engagement.
Ocean Blue Project is working effortlessly in rivers and on the coast with high goals
for education, backed with ocean, beaches, streams and river research.
Become an OBP Member or volunteer with Ocean Blue Project of Corvallis, Oregon.
Sign up prior to the event to save start up time!
Kate Brown’s Proclamation:
Host your Own Oregon Ocean Day Event:
Event and Donation Link: Link:
For more information on river cleanups happening throughout the watershed,
around the state or across the country, visit: .