Manzanita Farmer’s Market gets new home

Only a block away from the previous location, the Manzanita Farmer’s Market moves to a brand new area and promises to be bigger and better.

The market this year will be held on Fifth Street South in the City Parking Lot. Market Manager Emily Volmer (pictured right) extends thanks to the Mayor, City Councilors and the city for allowing it to happen. – Photo by Broken Banjo Photography

By Brian Cameron

“We’re excited to move into our new location and we are thankful for the city and others who helped us accommodate the market not just for this year, but years to come,”
said Manzanita Farmer’s Market Manager Emily Volmer.
Now being relocated to the city parking lot at Fifth Street South, which is down by the Manzanita Visitor’s Center the Farmer’s Market will be closer to the beach and allow people to peruse the market between visiting the sandy shores and browse the local shops.
The market this year will feature a larger vendor selection than in year’s past and the new location goes into making that possible.
“The space is bigger than our previous one,” said Volmer. “We are expecting at times to have nearly 50 individual vendors.”
Featuring a variety of existing and new vendors the farmer’s market promises to be an on-season attraction that will go into making Manzanita a desired place to be for locals and visitors alike. This year the market is bringing in a number of new artisan vendors as well as a few more farms too: Green Fork Farms, Sustainable Space Farm, Kingfisher Farms and two separate meat vendors as well. There will be t-shirt vendors, home roasted coffee, homemade dog treats, wineries, distilleries and even wild foraged mushrooms.
The Manzanita Farmer’s Market isn’t complete without its options for food, this year patrons to the market will get to enjoy hamburgers, fish tacos, kebabs and more. There is also scheduled live music for every market day this year, and face painting and a kid activity area for the little ones.
Currently the market is in the process of constructing a newer stage as well as a custom made storage shed.
“Those projects are on hold until we see a nicer few days,” Volmer said. “Until then I can keep working to make the market use this move to a better advantage.”

The annual Manzanita Open golf tournament features golfing with area experts as well as freshly prepared foods and fun for the family. – Courtesy Photo/Eugene Schmuck Foundation