Letter: NCRD Update

In 2008 voters approved by 50.4% to 49.6% an Option Levy funding the NCRD. In 2013 this same levy was renewed by a vote of 59% to 41%.
New financial systems are in place, annual audits are positive. The district is dedicated to the greatest possible public participation. Facility use is up.
When established the district tax base provided programs and minor maintenance of the then rented facilities. In 2002 the district assumed facility ownership with responsibility for all maintenance.
Major maintenance projects have been accomplished, roofs and siding replaced, the lower parking lot repaved. Gym floor supports were strengthened and floors re-finished once again allowing use by large groups.
In 2016 the auditorium was transformed to a Performing Arts Center and usage is taking off. Concerts are held at near full capacity. The Riverbend Players will be performing their first musical, “You Never Know” with music by Cole Porter.
The 2017 Pool-A-Thon organized by Susan Dindia-Grey and the Aquatics Staff had 73 children participating raising $16,000 for Youth Aquatic programs.
Beginning in the 2nd Quarter of 2017 a NCRD newsletter will begin. If you would like to receive the newsletter call the NCRD at 503-368-7008.
NCRD received a PUD grant to install new lighting at Champ Field. An adult co-ed softball league is forming plus we have youth baseball and soccer.
This year NCRD will re-build the upper parking lot. During heavy rains water flows into the basement. With this project rain will drain away from the building. In 2017 we will remodel the main level restroom to be ADA compliant.
Working with the Manzanita Music Festival plans are underway for a February 2018 Music Festival. Hopefully bringing in winter business for area merchants.
Please visit your Recreation District.
John Coopersmith, Nehalem