Letter: The county’s library

On May 16, residents of Tillamook County will vote on Measure 29-146, a proposed levy to renew countywide library services. Tillamook County Library is a system of six libraries that serve all who live and visit here. The amount requested is unchanged from the previous levy, a tribute to the fiscal control of library management. It is important for all of us to realize that if this levy fails, Tillamook County will no longer have a library.
Why does Tillamook County Library matter to you and me?
• TCL has a positive impact on our economy, supporting workforce development through resources and classes.
• TCL is a portal to the larger world, bringing knowledge and ideas to our rural communities through technology and national affiliations.
• TCL is open to all and free for all.
• TCL provides community gathering places essential to maintaining community culture and person to person communication in a world increasingly dominated by technology.
As demonstration of fiscal efficiency and community collaboration, TCL’s system of branches are public private partnerships. Community organizations own and maintain the library facilities with private funding. TCL operates the branches, providing media, staff and programming. If the levy fails, these treasured community facilities will close just like the main library in Tillamook.
Tillamook County Library is the most important place in town! I urge you to vote YES for the Tillamook County Library levy.
Kay Stepp