Trees: a textile exhibit from Constance Waisanen

Deciduous forest and valley

Attention textile artists, quilters, crafters and art enthusiasts!  The Cannon Beach History Center & Museum will be opening a textile exhibit this April featuring a local textile artist, Constance Waisanen.  Waisanen is a creative and innovative quilter with an interesting background.  Trained as a chemical engineer and currently working a financial consultant, her experience is deeply rooted in the mathematical and scientific worlds.  As a native Minnesotan and longtime resident of Knappa, Oregon, she feels a deep connection to nature and especially trees.

 “I see trees as a metaphor for life, the trunk and branches represent of our strivings, the many roles we each play, our vocation and avocations. There is great variety in the forms our lives take and like a tree, we experience and reflect seasons. Often, the effect of storms and adversity mark us.  But we are nourished and informed by our spiritual life, represented by what is unseen, the roots and their amazing relationship to the soil, water and nutrients.”

In this show Waisanen uses many of the methods she has learned over a thirty-year connection to the world of fiber art. Hand dyed backgrounds showcase trees made with fabric imaged using traditional Shibori methods.  Landscapes are created from her collection of hand dyed and commercial fabric in exciting and surprising collaboration.  Two of the pieces feature her adult sons, who both work locally in the world of the forest.

This show is the culmination of ten years of working with the metaphor of the tree and it is deeply satisfying to see the work in one space where it can be shared.”

Trees will open on Saturday, April 8 at 6:00 p.m. a meet and greet with the artist, Constance Waisanen, to discuss her techniques and inspiration.  Waisanen’s exhibit is an exploration of organic forms, patterns, and images of our local resources.  Trees will be on display through May of 2017

The Cannon Beach History Center & Museum welcome everyone and will be providing wine and hors d’oeuvres. A special thank you to Cannon Beach’s own Center Diamond for sponsoring this event.  Center Diamond has been selling fabric for over twenty years in Cannon Beach with a focus on contemporary batiks, brights, Asian, landscape/beach and modern fabrics.  A favorite for many local quilters and textile artists!

For more information visit, find us on Facebook or call 503.436.9301