R & R Espresso commemorates 25 years with free drinks, customer appreciation

Owner Gloria Robben (right) with her daughter and partner Jamie Holt (left). R & R Espresso celebrates its 25th birthday on March 22 and is inviting the community to come celebrate – with free drinks!

By Jordan Wolfe

Let the lattes flow!
A dream that began in 1992 will celebrate a major milestone on March 22 – R & R Espresso’s 25th birthday.
And everyone is invited.
“We want to have a day of celebration and appreciation,” Owner Gloria Robben said. “We’ll be giving away 16-ounce coffee beverages all day.”
From open to close, 6:30 a.m. to 3:30 or 4 p.m., Robben said R & R is dedicating its entire birthday to giveaways, free beverages (she noted it excludes time-consuming milkshakes) and fun.
“I was hoping to get my cousins – who are musicians – to play, but it’s in the middle of the week so they are unavailable,” Robben said.
She added she is open to suggestions by area musicians who may be interested.
“I mean, we do have an outside area,” she added.
Robben said R&R’s 25th birthday celebration is a way of giving back to her community.
“I want to do this for our local people,” Robben said. “Being part of a small community, these people become a part of your family.”
Robben has built another connection too in her 25 years, her coffee supplier.
“Longbottom has been just amazing. They’re just an amazing company,” Robben said. “When my coffee representative found out we were celebrating our 25th birthday, she said, “We’ve gotta do something big for you next year.’”
Robben said Longbottom Coffee and Tea, Inc. is also sponsoring some of the festivities by donating additional coffee and prizes to give out.
In 1992, Robben started in a space previously occupied by a barbershop in Rockaway and, what is now, the Offshore Grill.
“That original barber shop location was like 100 square feet,” Robben laughed.
Seven years later, she said they remodeled the house attached to create the Morning Glory Café.
“It seems a little surreal,” she said, “It feels like just yesterday we started.”
Robben took her business to Redmond between 2008 and 2011, but ultimately moved back to the coast and said she couldn’t be happier.
“I’ll be here as long as my legs will hold me and my hands will keep making coffee.”
R & R Espresso is located at 610 North Hwy 101 Rockaway Beach, in the same lot as D’Viener Vendor food cart.
For more information, call 503-355-3315.