Orientation set for hopeful Dairy Princess-Ambassadors

Past Dairy Princesses Katie Wolfe (Peterson, left) and Kristin Killgore (Hogan, right). Girls between the ages of 17 and 23, with a connection to the dairy industry, are encouraged to join an orientation March 18.

By Jordan Wolfe

Tillamook County is looking for a princess – one that is as comfortable in Romeos as high heels.
A tradition that started in 1959 with the crowning of Rosalie Zweifel continues on March 18 – with the search for the next Tillamook County Dairy Princess-Ambassador.
“The Dairy Princess needs to be an ambassador for the entire dairy industry and not just Tillamook products,” said Kim Durrer-Lyon, President of Tillamook Dairy Women. “Farmers are busy farming – they don’t have time to go out and be spokespersons for their industry.”
Organizers for the event are seeking girls who will be 17 years of age on or before June 1 and no older than 23 years to compete for the one-year commitment.
“We’re looking for girls with any kind of connection to the dairy industry,” Kristin Killgore, of Tillamook County Dairy Women and a Princess-Ambassador Coordinator Co-Chair.
Killgore added the association with the dairy industry is at any level.
Prospective princesses may have lived or worked on a dairy farm or processing facility, is the daughter of any person employed on an operating farm or processing facility (for example, a milk truck driver or an employee of the Tillamook County Creamery Association) or is a 4-H or FFA member with a dairy cattle project.
But Durrer-Lyon reminded hopeful Dairy Princess-Ambassadors coming to the orientation does not commit them to run this year.
“It’s open to girls who may be interested in the future,” she said.
However, the commitment is worth the benefits, according to the two.
“They get solid life skills that can’t be taught in the classroom,” Durrer-Lyon said. “The self-confidence they gain is huge. And they learn public speaking and time management skills… They learn things like how to follow-through, correspondence and learning timeliness – Lots of skills you need for a job, actually.”
During the one-year commitment as Dairy Princess-Ambassador, the girls are responsible for attending many events such as parades, classroom presentations and especially a strong presence at the Tillamook County Fair, according to Killgore.
“They need to be willing to put 100 percent into it,” she said, “And have a desire to represent the county well.”
Dairy Princess-Ambassador Orientation will be held at 3 p.m. March 18 at St. John’s Church (602 Laurel Ave. in Tillamook).
According to material supplied by Killgore, information about the Dairy Princess-Ambassador Program, upcoming contest and yearly events will be discussed.
Attendees are asked to bring a parent or guardian to the orientation. Killgore added appropriate dress for the event is slacks or a nice dress, as pictures will be taken. They prefer no jeans. Orientation is for prospective princesses to gather information and become more comfortable with the program.
Contact Kristin Killgore at 503-812-8991 or Becky Seals at 503-536-5964 by Friday if you plan on attending or have any questions.