New Tillamook County Master Recyclers

February 2017 ended with a celebration of the completion of yet one more class of Tillamook County Master Recyclers. Three new students earned the title of Master Recycler, joining the ever-growing team. “It’s exciting to see people expressing enthusiastic interest in this program,” states Sue Owens, Tillamook County Education and Outreach Coordinator, “even though we are only growing a few at a time, per capita, we are doing very well with other counties that have large, robust programs. Our county now has over twenty people they can go to with recycling questions and concerns.” Owens elaborates that Master Recyclers have come from all areas of the County, “I’m excited to see people in our communities take an interest in this important subject and then take their newfound knowledge home with them, to their families, friends, workplaces and neighborhoods.”  Those most recently completing the course include: Allen Dial and Robyn and Kevin Jolly.  “I would encourage you to congratulate these people on their achievement and visit with them about they have learned during the course,” Owens states.

Students of the program learn to minimize the impacts of materials and learn strategies that encourage thoughtful consumption, the reduction of toxins and the recovery of our material resources. Aspects relating to local recycling efforts are also emphasized. For the first time students were able to get hands-on exposure to Tillamook County’s new Styrofoam densifier. On hand to participate were Solid Waste Advisory Committee Member Clyde Zeller and Master Recycler Karen Reddick-Yurka. The class is taught by David McCall, Tillamook County Solid Waste Program Manager and Owens as well as local experts.

The 20 hour Master Recycler course is free to Tillamook County residents and in exchange, asks for a 30 hour volunteer commitment to the Solid Waste Department and the message of recycling. Currently there are no more classes scheduled, however, Owens states there are good chances there will be one in the fall.

For more information about becoming a Tillamook County Master Recycler, call Owens at 503.842.3419  x 3104 or email her at You may also visit the county website at