NCRD gets experienced executive director

David Wiegen returns to the coast to bring his extensive knowledge to the North County Recreation District.

By Brian Cameron

With his extensive experience and knowledge of facilitating nonprofit organizations David Wiegan takes on the Executive Director position at the North County Recreation District.
Formerly claiming residence in Tillamook County in the early eighties, at the time working for the County mental health service and for a short time was City Manager of Rockaway Beach, he took his experience over the hill and applied his know-how to the McMinneville area working for the City.  There he served on a variety of economic development councils and strategic development committees.
“In years passed I had spent a great deal of time in and around north Tillamook County,” Wiegan said. “I took part in canoe racing on the Nehalem River as well as learned to fish that watershed extensively.”
Deciding he wanted to try and find something back along the coast he had a friend tell him about the open position at NCRD and thought to see if he could provide his experience to the area.
“I’m fortunate enough to still know people here,” Wiegan said. “I applied for the position mainly because I found I really liked the philosophy behind what the NCRD was trying to do.”
With all the programs the NCRD takes part in the North County region its no surprise Wiegan is still learning of all the projects on the front and the back burners.  He expressed excitement regarding the restoration of the ball field between Manzanita and Nehalem as well as the parking lot renovation of the NCRD facility itself.

What Wiegan was truly looking forward to is to begin the process of a multi million dollar capital funding campaign with an end goal of constructing a new, modern swimming pool for the recreation district.  The current pool is 87 years old and lacks a number of modern facilities that are generally expected in modern swimming pool construction, as it turns out it would cost more to renovate the old pool than then it would to completely reconstruct.
“One of the things I found so unique here at the NCRD is that we actually have a program that joins our pool with local schools and the end result is that every student after fifth grade will have benefited from swim lessons,” Wiegan said. “That, to me, is important being that on the coast we are almost literally surrounded by water.”
Wiegan referred back to Nehalem’s history and how even during the depression era citizens got together to build a community swimming pool after the unfortunate drowning deaths of two youngsters, he feels the community spirit that was behind that endeavor still resides in North County today.
“I’m thrilled to be back in Tillamook County,” Wiegan said. “And to know I’m back around such a forward thinking community and a great organization like the NCRD it feels great to be here being able to bring what I know to the table.”