The Mudd-Nick Foundation: It all started with golf

Doug Nicholson (left), Monica Isbell (center) and Jim Mudd (left)

The first ever Mudd-Nick Foundation charity golf tournament started in 1993.  The event had actually been created just three years prior but at the time wasn’t catering to any kind of local charity.  That has since changed.
Since then the Foundation’s cause has grown in leaps and bounds and stepped in to offer additional educational experiences for Neah-Kah-Nie youths all throughout North County.
Not just a golf tournament, Jim Mudd and Doug Nicholson whom had developed a love for Manzanita throughout their youth created the foundation.  When interest began to build with the tournament they decided to take the advice of Mudd’s mother Lynn who suggested they raise money for local schools, she herself being a career-long teacher, knowing area youths could certainly benefit from having additional educational resources available to them.
“They endeavored to give an opportunity that wasn’t available to the students otherwise,”  said Mudd-Nick Executive Director Monica Isbel. “They wanted to provide a comprehensive learning experience, something that would supplement what was not happening in the school district.”
The programs the foundation offers are as vibrant as they are varied.  The flagship program they offer is the PX2 training program that helps area youths with providing a positive outlook for their futures using a variety of methods like short-videos, group activities, discussion and personal reflections.  But in addition to PX2 the Mudd Nick Foundation also provides a number of other activities for Neah-Kah-Nie school district youths to participate in.  They also sponsor the local team involved in the First Lego League to create performance, presentation and a solution based on original research.  As well as sponsoring an Art Camp for nearly 60 children, a Pumpkin Patch outing and also help facilitate Kelly’s Brighton Marina’s Crab Derby, in addition to other programs with the North County Recreation District (NCRD) in Nehalem.
The Mudd-Nick Foundation is always looking for volunteers to help create more and better learning experiences for area youngsters, the volunteer training is something to behold in and of itself according to Isbel.
“It really has a way of changing your thought process,”  Said Isbel.