‘March 4 Trump’ incoming

Women’s March: Check.

A Day Without Immigrants: Check.

March 4 Trump: Coming this Saturday.

By Jordan Wolfe

The recent string of political marches is set to continue with the “March 4 Trump,” a national movement with the tagline: “Stop the fight. Let’s all unite.”

Beginning noon Saturday, Tillamook’s March 4 Trump is inviting everyone – Trump supports and opponents – at the Tillamook County Courthouse, according to Sue Emerson and Terri Pitts, event organizers.

“Let’s stop the fear,” Emerson said. “We just want to gather and put down the arms.”

The two encourage participants to come wearing patriotic gear – including bringing American flags. Organizers are hoping to gather a few speakers such as veterans and members of the clergy to close in a prayer, a presentation of the flag and a rendition of “God Bless America.”

After seeing it listed as a national event, Pitts began organizing a localized march in Tillamook.

“Think of 9/11 and what our community went through,” Pitts said, “We came together that day – what happened? It took a horrific event in our lives and brought us together. Now it’s been wasted.”

However, they said it has been difficult getting outward support for the event.

“We’re receiving threats,” Emerson said. “And people are fearful for the ramifications of participating.”

The backlash from some of the community is having an impact on the two, who said they want to give the new president a chance and move in a cohesive direction.

“I’m tired of being called racist, homophobic and xenophobic,” Pitts said.

“I find it slightly ironic calling Trump supporters fascists when they’re using fascist techniques,” Emerson said.

The organizers are looking to conduct a peaceful march promoting unity across the growing division in America – a division that has even reached smaller communities like the ones in Tillamook County.

“This community is a dynamic, loving community – as seen most recently with Charity Drive,” Emerson said.

And love seems to be a recurring theme for Emerson’s motivations.

“I’d like to think of myself as a patriot – which is defined as ‘love for country,’” she said.

The flyer being distributed reminds hopeful participants it is a peaceful assembly and ask to not impede traffic, litter, vandalize or do anything illegal and unbefitting.

“I’m not going to agree with everything you say,” Emerson said, “But we can at least have a discussion.”

Tillamook’s March 4 Trump begins at noon on Saturday at the Tillamook County Courthouse.