Cameron’s Corner: Our communities, not yours

Myself and the kiddos!

By Brian Cameron

When I first started this position not too long ago I found myself getting the skinny on all kinds of happenings involved in North Tillamook County.   Some topics revolved around things I’d heard of prior to coming onto the newspaper, others I was completely in the dark about.  I’ve started to notice a recurring trend and I feel something needs to be put out there in the open.
Our coastal communities belong to no single-person.  I won’t name names here; I’m not about introducing slander to the North Coast readers.  I have however heard things like “Nehalem is my test-city,” from some, or have seen subversive action by others in Rockaway Beach to try and leverage support against elected and city officials.
Look, there is a proper methodology put in place in our society in order to gain administrative control and its called elective democracy, and its been going on for quite some time.  You don’t like how something is done in your area?  Don’t subversively build faux support to attack elected officials, build real support and address the issues that actually pertain to your motive.  Don’t use things like an otherwise innocent community event as a means of leverage against your political adversaries, by doing so you rob the entire community of those otherwise fun events.
And to anyone who says any of our beloved cities are their proverbial test subjects, I’ve got news for you, they’re not, they’re communities made up of caring and passionate individuals who have chosen this area to call their own.  I challenge anyone who harbors that kind of mindset to break out of their comfort zones and go get involved in things they may or may not understand, bring your know-how to the community table and truly become part of something.  Otherwise you’re still an outsider looking in.
I don’t mean to be preachy, but this is something I’ve come to see in not just North Tillamook County, but almost everywhere.  Power is addictive and many don’t know how to level that addiction in reality.
To finish off I’ll quote a true contemporary by simply saying this, “Check yourself before you wreck yourself.”

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