Birdathon to raise funds for Wildlife Center

Credit: Lindsey Nicolas/WCNC

March 21 – Astoria, OR – Wildlife Center of the North Coast, in partnership with event founder, Susan Peterson, announces their 5th annual Birdathon birding and fundraising event, coming up on April 8-9.  Birdathon is a fun, all-ages event that encourages people to get outdoors and find as many bird species as they can.  People all over the world love birdwatching—it’s one of the fastest growing hobbies in the USA!  If you’re a bird-lover, nature-lover, have always wanted to start birding, or just need a good reason to get outside, this is a great way to start.

Participants collect donations or pledge commitments prior to the event as sponsorship of their birding efforts.  Individuals who raise the most in donations or find the most bird species win prizes. Pledges can be any dollar amount (or cents) per number of species estimated to be seen.  Participants then go birding anytime between noon on April 8 and noon on April 9, and keep track of the number of bird species they see on their birding checklist.  Birders can compete individually or as part of a team, and create their own itinerary based on their favorite birding locations, or visit the Wildlife Center’s website for recommendations.  Most Birdathon participants in the past have been from Clatsop and Tillamook counties in Oregon, and Pacific county in Washington, but Birdathon is not restricted to any location – participants can bird anywhere in the world.

Birdathon helps to raise critical funds for the Wildlife Center each Spring, just in time for the start of their busy summer season.  Donations provide food, medicines, quality medical care, and safe shelter for birds, mammals and other wildlife creatures in need.

For more information on how to participate in Birdathon or supporting the Wildlife Center of the North Coast, please visit or call (503) 338-0331.