Snow, Chaos and the Super Bowl

A dreary day on the coast and just thankful there is no need to go anyplace. With the television spewing hate and discontent all over the world it looks pretty grim. As a true patriot there is also no need to question where I think our nation should be going.

The Old Geezer

Walt Trandum

The most dire problem I am facing is the fact that I will soon be all alone in coping with the demands of every day tasks and needs. My sweetheart for the past 65 plus years is failing and will soon be gone to a better place than the one where she has been over he past couple years. With the help of our children we are able to make her as comfortable as possible and we have her at home. The Hospice people are a real blessing and together we are facing the future.

As always I have been looking for some relief from the current situation and I found it in a box of photos that were the ones that didn’t make the cut to be included in an album. It was amazing to find pictures that go all the way back to our first meeting in High School. There are many of people we have met at reunions and not too many of them are still around. Lots of snapshots of our family as they have grown and started their own memories.
Hard to believe that young kid in a Navy uniform is this old geezer. I can’t remember everything that I experienced, but some of it was pretty brash. Just didn’t think there was anything that I couldn’t do and that led so some great adventures. I never thought of myself as an athlete my record suggest I was maybe just a tough little kid with a big heart. Maybe that is what has brought on all the heart problems I have lived with during my senior years. I have always been an optimist and looked for the silver lining in any venture.
The Super Bowl game that I almost turned off after the first half gave me some new thoughts about quitting or giving up on life. With a bit of effort most problems can be solved. I am sure there are situations that can’t be handled with just thinking they might go away, but looking for a fresh approach could be the answer. I have mentioned before the football team that I played of for a few years. We were a bunch of kids that were too small or just not good enough to play in the High School league. We had a great big man who happened to be a Sheriff and had a big love for the game. He rounded up a bunch of old uniforms and pads from some place and we played a single wing ofence and all memorized every play in the book. Our first year we failed to score a touch down, the second year we won half our games and last year we won the championship. We even played a team from Canada in a post season game in the Civic Stadium in down town Seattle, We won that game and went home thinking that we were pretty darn good.
The resolve I gained from those childhood years stayed with me for the long life that I am enjoying. Along with the skills I picked up I also learned how to use teamwork to make a lot of things happen. You don’t have to be the best man in every situation if you can help others make their own contributions to reach realistic goals.
I remember delivering a Christmas dinner box to a family in need. Other members of our Lions Club had collected all the food including a turkey that we provided. The smile on the faces of that family who needed a hand up made it all worthwhile.
Take a lesson from that Super Bowl game and never give up even when the weather is bad somebody out there needs some help and you can do the deed