NKN students lead with PX2

Over the last decade Neah-Kah-Nie middle schoolers have had the opportunity to take part in the Pacific Institute’s signature PX2 program, offering focus on positive thought and self-image and how young people can realize their beliefs they have of themselves guide the decision they make.

By Brian Cameron

Two Neah-Kah-Nie middle schoolers engage in local leadership training activities – Courtesy Photo/Jennifer Holm

The PX2 program is designed for young people and puts them into the position to make positive changes to their outlooks in life, driving changes in how they see the world and how to make good choices moving forward in life.  The program is a life-changing experience, promoting positive communication, building stronger relationships and equipping individuals with effective thinking skills that act as a springboard to a successful future. The program can be delivered very flexibly according to the needs of the group or organization.
“It definitely changes a person’s perspective in how they view their paths to success,” said Leo Lawyer, the local PX2 representative for the Neah-Kah-Nie school district,  “I highly recommend any student or parent to go through the program if they are given the opportunity.”   Lawyer had gone through the program herself and encourages adults to get involved as well.
PX2 is offered twice a year to middle school students and it takes about three days to go from beginning to completion.
“I don’t believe there is any disagreement that the middle school years are the toughest to navigate in terms of establishing a positive self-image and making good choices,” Lawyer said, “this program give young people a strong foundation to make good choices that help them navigate the early teens, and into adulthood.”
This year thirty individual students took part in the program as well as NKN staff members in order to better aide not only the students around them but themselves as well.  The program was held at the Twin Rocks Friend’s Camp just south of Rockaway Beach.