I’m a member of the Eugene Schmuck Board of Directors and I wanted to acknowledge the good work done by Meals for Seniors, Inc in Rockaway. Their efforts are enabled, in part, by annual cash donations made by the Eugene Schmuck Foundation.
ESF distributes funds in North Tillamook County raised from our sponsorship of the Manzanita Open golf tournament which will be held again this year May 19, 20 &21st. (If you’d like to play or help out, please let me know.)
Bob Dempster, their president wrote us a letter which details how they have helped the community. I’m quoting part of the letter:
“In 2016 Meals for Seniors were able to serve 12,138 meals. 6,210 were served on site and additional 5,928 were delivered to our most vulnerable seniors who cannot leave their homes. Socialization provided through these services is immeasurable. Board members and volunteers donated 3,348 hours of service last year, the 14th year of serving our fellow neighbors.”
The partnership of Senior Meals, Inc and the Eugene Schmuck Foundation is fine example of the selflessness and generosity which makes our community such a wonderful place!
David Matthews, Manzanita