Grapplers head to Waldport for districts championships

The Neah-Kah-Nie wrestlers will be heading to Waldport this weekend with hopes to earn a berth in the state wrestling tournament next week in Portland.
The Pirates got in their last licks on the mat at the Cottage Grove Invitational in early February.
The team placed 16th, beating several larger schools and bigger programs. The Pirates had 70 points, beating out Coquille, Siuslaw, Madras and North Salem.
It was North Medford which claimed the team title with 206 points, followed by Grants Pass with 199 and Lowell with 192 points. Glide was fourth with 178 points, while South Medford took fifth with 127 points.
Sophomore Tristan Bennett picked up the bulk of the team points when he rolled through the 220-pound competition in Cottage Grove.
Bennett built up a 34-1 record for the season by adding South Medford’s Michael Cormier to the list of his vanquished with a win by fall.
Josh Longfellow also placed in the 145-pound competition, placing sixth.


Cottage Grove Invitational
Team Scores
1. North Medford     206.0
2. Grants Pass     199.0
3. Lowell         192.0
4. Glide         178.0
5. South Medford     127.0
6. Creswell         115.0
7. McKay         114.5
8. Mazama         107.0
9. Henley         106.5
10. La Pine         92.0
11. Crescent Valley     88.0
12. Cascade Christian     84.5
13. Liberty         81.0
14. Douglas         78.5
15. Sheldon         73.0
16. Neah-Kah-Nie     70.0
17. Coquille         64.0
18. Siuslaw         61.0
19. Madras         60.5
19. North Salem     60.5
21. Gold Beach 52.0; 22. Oakridge 50.0; 23. Phoenix 45.0; 24. Cottage Grove 44.0; 25. Corvallis 39.0; 26. North Valley 37.0; 27. Illinois Valley 33.0; 27. Lincoln 33.0; 29. Churchill 31.0; 30. Pleasant Hill 28.0; 31. Siletz Valley 23.0; 32. Klamath Union 18.0; 33. Willamette 4.0

Tournament Results
106 Results
1st Place – Ryan Vidlak of Cascade Christian
2nd Place – Enrique Jaime of North Medford
3rd Place – Gage Dill of Glide
4th Place – Edmund Nicolas of Cottage Grove
5th Place – Bryant Mendoza of McKay
6th Place – Brock Bresser of Henley

113 Results
1st Place – Richard Huff of Siuslaw
2nd Place – Symon Thurman of Lowell
3rd Place – Gabe Vidlak of Cascade Christian
4th Place – Cole Zoller of North Medford
5th Place – Theodore Coombs of Sheldon
6th Place – Brandon Quezada of North Salem

120 Results
1st Place – Legend Lamer of Crescent Valley
2nd Place – Dominic Deitrick of North Medford
3rd Place – Cole Waldron of Douglas
4th Place – Kaleb Murphy of Grants Pass
5th Place – Aaron Boitz of Cottage Grove
6th Place – Kent McIntosh of Lowell

126 Results
1st Place – Blaine Rodolf of Creswell
2nd Place – Tyler Bellon of Grants Pass
3rd Place – Taylor Bright of Gold Beach
4th Place – Shane Tennis of McKay
5th Place – Max Valle of Cascade Christian
6th Place – Alex Dudley of La Pine

132 Results
1st Place – Brawley Lamer of Crescent Valley
2nd Place – Thomas Hamilton of North Medford
3rd Place – Kasey Collier of Glide
4th Place – Adam Bratland of Sheldon
5th Place – Austin Russell of La Pine
6th Place – Skyler Sakraida of Grants Pass

138 Results
1st Place – Ethan Wendell of Liberty
2nd Place – Titus Rice of Creswell
3rd Place – Vincent Washington of Grants Pass
4th Place – Jesse Wittenborn of Creswell
5th Place – Boss Clark of Henley
6th Place – Tandy Martin of Gold Beach

145 Results
1st Place – Ian Carlos of North Salem
2nd Place – Justyn Barton of Lowell
3rd Place – Zach Holland of Glide
4th Place – Josh Beachler of South Medford
5th Place – Andres Ramirez of North Medford
6th Place – Josh Longfellow of Neah-Kah-Nie
1st Place Match
Ian Carlos (North Salem) 24-0, So. over Justyn Barton (Lowell) 21-7, Sr. (Fall 0:40).
3rd Place Match
Zach Holland (Glide) 24-2, So. over Josh Beachler (South Medford) 26-13, Jr. (Fall 0:47).
5th Place Match
Andres Ramirez (North Medford) 22-16, So. over Josh Longfellow (Neah-Kah-Nie) 19-18, So. (Fall 0:33).

152 Results
1st Place – Thomas Harvey of Lowell
2nd Place – Ryland Parazoo of Glide
3rd Place – David Rubio of McKay
4th Place – Anthony Tena of Churchill
5th Place – Riley Jennings of Siuslaw
6th Place – Martin Sierra of Henley

160 Results
1st Place – Wyatt McCarthy of Coquille
2nd Place – Braydon Wright of Mazama
3rd Place – Jacob Russell of Grants Pass
4th Place – Kaulynn Shreeve of Phoenix
5th Place – Rhett Syverson of Glide
6th Place – Matthew Smith of North Medford

170 Results
1st Place – Trajan Hurd of Grants Pass
2nd Place – Cale Edmunds of Oakridge
3rd Place – Carter Dahl of Douglas
4th Place – Kenny Lane of Lowell
5th Place – Cole Schumack of South Medford
6th Place – Isaac Butler of Siletz Valley

182 Results
1st Place – Josh Hammers of Mazama
2nd Place – Justin Self of Henley
3rd Place – Harrison Manu of Madras
4th Place – Ryan Beck of South Medford
5th Place – Zachary Kintzley of Lowell
6th Place – William Duffy of Lincoln

195 Results
1st Place – Collyn Potter of Glide
2nd Place – Joey Vigue of Coquille
3rd Place – Gage Dodson of La Pine
4th Place – Michael Rucker of North Medford
5th Place – Brayden Schultz of Douglas
6th Place – Jordan Main of Grants Pass

220 Results
1st Place – Tristan Bennett of Neah-Kah-Nie
2nd Place – Michael Cormier of South Medford
3rd Place – Julian Stone of North Medford
4th Place – Salvador Calmargo of McKay
5th Place – Mahsen Asher of Lowell
6th Place – Blake Nelson of Creswell
1st Place Match
Tristan Bennett (Neah-Kah-Nie) 34-1, So. over Michael Cormier (South Medford) 31-10, Jr. (Fall 0:56).

285 Results
1st Place – Thomas Talamantes-Ward of Lowell
2nd Place – Dylan Thygersen of Liberty
3rd Place – Cameron Hankins of Mazama
4th Place – Matthew Metcalf of Sheldon
5th Place – Nate Eli of South Medford
6th Place – Quentin Scott of Madras