Give seeds a chance

Give Seeds a Chance: Fourth Annual Seed Exchange is a free event that will be held on Feb 11 from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at The White Clover Grange, 36585 Highway 53 about two miles from Highway 101 near Mohler.
Maia Holliday, local gardener, permaculturist and landscape designer will give a talk at 1 p.m. on “Planting for Bees and Other Pollinators.”
Adrian Canilho-Burke, from Food Roots, will bring the Tillamook Library seed exchange pop-up that includes quite a few varieties to add into the exchange. He will also have information on the Seed to Supper gardening class that will start in the beginning of March at NCRD and on other Food Roots programs.
At the Exchange you can get herb, vegetable, flower and native plant seeds and information.  Handouts will be available for people to take and there will also be some books and resources on hand for browsing. All seeds are free, whether you bring some to share or not.
This year the organizers of the event encourage gardeners to commit to growing favorite flowers and vegetables and purposely saving that seed for next year’s exchange.  In this way we expand the variety of seeds available for sharing, increase our food security and have plants that we know do well in our locale.  There will be a sign up sheet available at the Exchange where you can say what you would like to grow for this purpose.  If you can’t make the Exchange and would like to participate, please send an email to
If you have them, bring seeds you have collected or extra commercially packaged seeds you no longer want.  Place your collected seeds in small envelopes or zip-sealed baggies and mark your seed packet with as much information as you have: plant, variety, area grown, production qualities, etc.  Seeds that are several years old ideally should be tested for viability. If you are not sure if a batch of seeds is still good please take a sampling of them (10 or so) and place between two moist paper towels in a warm place to see if they germinate. If 1/2 or more sprout you’re good to go!
According to The Seed Ambassador’s Project (, “Saving seeds is the foundation of developing durable and resilient locally based food systems.  We encourage others to join us in this important work.  In our eyes every seed saved is a socially healing, community creating event.”
Give Seeds a Chance: Fourth Annual Seed Exchange is sponsored by the White Clover Grange, Fulcrum Community Resources, Food Roots and the Nehalem Garden Club.,
Nehalem Bay Garden Club contact:
For more information about the event call 503-368-6874.