A message for Veterans

Being a product of those years when every male person was subject to and required to join some branch of the service. It was a way of life for all of my family members on both sides of our family The question wasn’t if you were going to serve, it was which branch do you want and if you couldn’t make up your mind you were drafted into the Army. In my immediate family we were three Navy and one Army. Our father was World War I Navy veteran.

The Old Geezer
By Walt Trandum

Eventually we all were discharged and set about making our way in the world. Some were traumatized by what they saw and did and that caused the loss of the brother closest to me who spent two years in Korea. He was a PTSD victim and they didn’t have a handle on that problem back then.
After our service years some of us joined the American Legion where we could join in with others to improve our own lives as well as doing service work to ease the burden of those in our communities who needed some assistance. Along with that we were promoting allegiance to our country and to all those who have served. Each American Legion Post have their own projects and charities in their own communities but join together on large National and International projects that serve people all over the world.
When I moved to this part of the coast I soon recognized there was a local Post and joined a place where I can be with other veterans and offer my hand to make things happen.
The Post 126 has a long his history in this area and there are darn few people who can remember everything they did over the years. The most visible thing is the American Legion Cemetery, located in the Bayside Gardens where many of the pioneers and other people are memorialized. The Post gave up the operation of the facility many years ago and it is now managed by the City of Nehalem. Some other citizens have taken a care project to make it as neat and tidy as possible. Their efforts are greatly appreciated.
In talking with some of the senior members there are tales of dances and other parties with a many people participating. There were members marching in local parades and the annual Memorial Day ceremony was held each year and still happens on that special day.
Along with the activities mentioned above there have a been a great many contributions of money for scholarships and other educational projects for High School students. Other civic projects have been supported and the members have been leaders in the community. Each year the local Post makes contributions to Veteran’s Homes and other facilities. Across the nation the American Legion members are involved in the recovery efforts from the storm and other weather caused problems and in other tragic events that have been happening in many parts of our country.
Unfortunately participation in service connected organizations has been dwindling all over the world. For some reason the fact that there are many causes that need support Veterans are unable to give the helping hand that working together . The obligations for local Veterans who will be interested in joining this Post can be controlled by the member. Otherwise you can do as much as you can and perhaps you may make the life of some kid who needs a boost to get through school. Maybe there are other Veterans in our community who need some support. If you are a veteran or know of one who might be interested in coming to the next meeting that will be held in the Nehalem Bay Fire and Rescue station at 7;30 PM On March 6. If you want more information you can call the Post Commander Bob Hickman at 503 368 6717. If that doesn’t work you can call this Old Geezer at 503 368 6079. Look forward to meeting you!