Poor timing that turned out all right

Have kind of made calling 911 a bad hobby lately. My heart and I are not getting along   The last incident called for a ride in an ambulance to Seaside extended to another across the mountains in the ice and snow to St Vincent’s Hospital. When I got there, they informed me that I was in exactly the right place. My heart started acting up as we entered.

The Old Geezer
Walt Trandum

The fact that I am writing this is proof that they were correct and I am feeling more like I did before all this business. They used every test in the book and with my history they could not see where any kind of surgery would help anything .We are hoping the medications I am now taking will keep me around for a bit longer.
After all the care that was provided and a couple miserable nights they sent me home and I was faced with getting back to Wheeler during what was an ice storm. Pretty hard to call around and invite friends or relatives to risk their own lives and properties to get me home. That was when I decided to take my first ride in a bus for many years. Fortunately “The Wave” bus comes across the mountains to Tillamook and then up the coast to Wheeler. I eventually had my daughter meet me and took me up the hill to home sweet home.
It all sounds a bit heartless to ask a heart patient to make his way home on a bus, but actually it turned out to be a very pleasant adventure. It also made me think about things that I have never given much attention. In spite of some ice and snow the ride across the mountains was beautiful. The bus was very comfortable with an excellent driver who proved to be a very nice man. I have noticed the bus in the parking lot at Fred Meyers many times but never gave it much thought. I saw some good things happen when a person with special needs who had been shopping in a wheel chair got the help they needed to move the chair into the bus where it was securely locked down as me made our way towards home. It culminated when the rider reached her destination and in spite of freezing rain the driver moved the chair off the bus and then pushed the rider a couple hundred yards to her home. I was amazed that he gave her that service.
I got to thinking how much courage it must take to make yourself get in a wheel chair and go shopping. Surely those people who see that person in the store do whatever they can to help them, but we can’t imagine what it takes to work through their problems with life in general.
I will probably never forget that ride through the ice and snow and the relief it was to be home with my loved ones. I will surely remember that day every time I see a bus, I will think about how beautiful the snow was on the trees and the competent the driver. I actually got to see some things that I have never noticed during the hundreds of times I have driven that route. I will remember that those of us with cars are pretty darn lucky but life for some who don’t, is not all bad.
I know the fact that a heart patient got himself on a bus in order to get home from the hospital is a bit bazaar but you must realize that I think I was pretty darn lucky that I didn’t have to hitch hike. Give that next bus driver you might see a smile and if you see someone with special needs, give them a hand.
If you have the time I highly recommend that you give yourself a treat and make a round trip on a The Wave bus to any of the places they serve and it is not only fun, it is a bargain.