Pirate matmen perform well at Oregon Classic

In six dual matches over the weekend, Neah-Kah-Nie’s Tristan Bennett won four by fall, one by decision and one by forfeit.

Neah-Kah-Nie wrestlers picked up some wins at the Oregon Wrestling Classic tournament in Redmond over the weekend.
They just didn’t get enough to place as a team.
The Pirates picked up a win over Heppner/Ione (48-27).
They tied the Enterprise Outlaws (42-42).
But, in the team-oriented wrestling tournament, they also picked up losses to Central Linn (54-27), Lowell (66-15) and Redmond (48-36).
Tristan Bennett went through the tournament, picking up falls in his matches against Enterprise, Heppner/Ione and Central Linn.
In the matches against Lowell, Bennett beat Mahsen Asher by a narrow 4-3 score before closing out his tourney run with a forfeit win against Redmond.

at Redmond HS
Enterprise 42, Neah-Kah-Nie 42
106: Kennisen Knifong (ENTE) over (NKN) (For.) 113: Shane Lund (ENTE) over (NKN) (For.) 120: Cole Farwell (ENTE) over Nathan Hamilton (NKN) (Fall 1:21) 126: Evan Johnson (ENTE) over Austin Dunn (NKN) (Fall 1:51) 132: Dylan Staigle (ENTE) over Jacob Waldron (NKN) (Fall 0:49) 138: Omar Arenas (NKN) over Mathew Beck (ENTE) (Fall 1:20) 145: Joshua Longfellow (NKN) over (ENTE) (For.) 152: Jacob Griffith (NKN) over (ENTE) (For.) 160: Adrian Widener (ENTE) over (NKN) (For.) 170: Daniel Jackson (NKN) over Jacob Falk (ENTE) (Fall 2:36) 182: Jonny Sarbacher (ENTE) over Tyler Kirkpatrick (NKN) (Fall 1:08) 195: Jett Johnson (NKN) over Drew Widener (ENTE) (Fall 1:34) 220: Tristan Bennett (NKN) over (ENTE) (For.) 285: Travis Jonsson (NKN) over (ENTE) (For.)
NKN 48, Heppner/Ione 27
106: Trevor Antonucci (HHIH) over (NKN) (For.) 113: Double Forfeit 120: Nathan Hamilton (NKN) over (HHIH) (For.) 126: Leo Waite (HHIH) over Eochaid Fry (NKN) (SV-1 10-0) 132: Jacob Waldron (NKN) over (HHIH) (For.) 138: Omar Arenas (NKN) over Carson Brosnan (HHIH) (Fall 2:29) 145: Joshua Longfellow (NKN) over Charles Cason (HHIH) (Fall 0:36) 152: Jacob Griffith (NKN) over Zach Bredfield (HHIH) (Fall 2:19) 160: Jacob Wallace (HHIH) over (NKN) (For.) 170: Jacob Wallace (HHIH) over Daniel Jackson (NKN) (Fall 1:04) 182: Ethan Holmgren (HHIH) over Tyler Kirkpatrick (NKN) (Fall 2:58) 195: Jett Johnson (NKN) over (HHIH) (For.) 220: Tristan Bennett (NKN) over Cord Flynn (HHIH) (Fall 4:46) 285: Travis Jonsson (NKN) over (HHIH) (For.)
106: Hunter McIrvin (CELI) over (NKN) (For.) 113: Nic Chase (CELI) over (NKN) (For.) 120: Nathan Hamilton (NKN) over (CELI) (For.) 126: Caleb Day (CELI) over Eochaid Fry (NKN) (Fall 3:15) 132: Sarah Conner (CELI) over Jacob Waldron (NKN) (Fall 1:55) 138: Mike Day (CELI) over Omar Arenas (NKN) (Fall 1:59) 145: Joshua Longfellow (NKN) over Tanner Reister (CELI) (Fall 3:36) 152: Jacob Griffith (NKN) over Daniel Mendoza (CELI) (Fall 2:48) 160: Justin Kropf (CELI) over (NKN) (For.) 170: Mason Sloan (CELI) over Daniel Jackson (NKN) (Fall 0:52) 182: Ben Hughes (CELI) over Tyler Kirkpatrick (NKN) (Fall 0:33) 195: Jimmy North (CELI) over Jett Johnson (NKN) (Fall 1:21) 220: Tristan Bennett (NKN) over Case Goracke (CELI) (Fall 0:10) 285: Travis Jonsson (NKN) over Justin Malone (CELI) (Dec 6-0)
106: Double Forfeit 113: Jesse Paulson (GRUN) over (NKN) (For.) 120: Braden Spencer (GRUN) over Nathan Hamilton (NKN) (Fall 4:18) 126: Eochaid Fry (NKN) over Connor White (GRUN) (Fall 3:31) 132: Damion Young (GRUN) over Jacob Waldron (NKN) (Fall 0:56) 138: Omar Arenas (NKN) over Jay Goldblatt (GRUN) (Dec 8-2) 145: Clay Johnson (GRUN) over Joshua Longfellow (NKN) (Fall 1:15) 152: Jacob Griffith (NKN) over (GRUN) (For.) 160: Eli Carniglia (GRUN) over (NKN) (For.) 170: Russell Hodge (GRUN) over Daniel Jackson (NKN) (Fall 0:48) 182: Hadley Boethin (GRUN) over Tyler Kirkpatrick (NKN) (Fall 1:04) 195: Jett Johnson (NKN) over (GRUN) (For.) 220: Tristan Bennett (NKN) over Dillon Maley (GRUN) (Fall 0:12) 285: Travis Jonsson (NKN) over Drew Lusco (GRUN) (SV-1 8-6)
106: Justin Curp (LOWE) over (NKN) (For.) 113: Chelsea Byrne (LOWE) over (NKN) (For.) 120: Symon Thurman (LOWE) over Nathan Hamilton (NKN) (Fall 1:12) 126: Eochaid Fry (NKN) over Kent McIntosh (LOWE) (Fall 3:43) 132: Kasey Erwin (LOWE) over Jacob Waldron (NKN) (Fall 1:24) 138: Omar Arenas (NKN) over (LOWE) (For.) 145: Justyn Barton (LOWE) over Joshua Longfellow (NKN) (Fall 0:39) 152: Thomas Harvey (LOWE) over Jacob Griffith (NKN) (Fall 1:25) 160: Sebastian Garein (LOWE) over (NKN) (For.) 170: Hayden Trimble (LOWE) over Daniel Jackson (NKN) (Fall 0:50) 182: Kenny Lane (LOWE) over Tyler Kirkpatrick (NKN) (Fall 1:07) 195: Zachary Kintzley (LOWE) over Jett Johnson (NKN) (Fall 1:46) 220: Tristan Bennett (NKN) over Mahsen Asher (LOWE) (Dec 4-3) 285: Thomas Talamantes-Ward (LOWE) over Travis Jonsson (NKN) (Fall 1:26)
106: Austin Anderson (REDM) over (NKN) (For.) 113: Calvin Salido (REDM) over (NKN) (For.) 120: Dakota Doescher (REDM) over Nathan Hamilton (NKN) (Fall 3:33) 126: Eochaid Fry (NKN) over Hunter Scheer (REDM) (Fall 3:33) 132: Justin Durham (REDM) over Jacob Waldron (NKN) (Fall 1:15) 138: Omar Arenas (NKN) over Riley Wood (REDM) (Fall 1:07) 145: Caleb Proctor (REDM) over Joshua Longfellow (NKN) (Fall 0:35) 152: Jacob Griffith (NKN) over Colton Kluser (REDM) (Fall 0:33) 160: Gerard Schramm (REDM) over (NKN) (For.) 170: Kevin Ruiz (REDM) over Daniel Jackson (NKN) (Fall 0:38) 182: Austin Bidwell (REDM) over Tyler Kirkpatrick (NKN) (Fall 1:24) 195: Jett Johnson (NKN) over (REDM) (For.) 220: Tristan Bennett (NKN) over (REDM) (For.) 285: Travis Jonsson (NKN) over (REDM) (For.)