People we meet who become great new friends!

A personal medical incident was a bit scary but the good thing is a got to meet some wonderful people who actually extended my life.

Walt Trandum

I have a history of heart problems and so there are many stories I can tell of how and where they all happened but this most recent one makes me want to pass along some thanks and recognition of how people in our community are there when you need them
My 911 call was handled with great expertise and the Medical people from our local fire and rescue organization were first on the scene and then came the ambulance with two men who also really know their business. They had to jump start my heart with those paddles that are painful but necessary to get my heart rhythm in sync and we were off to Seaside and the hospital. A couple nights there and some changes in my medication along with fantastic care from the Doctors and Nurses who are a joy to watch no matter how serious your own condition might be.
Last Sunday there was an article in the Portland paper about various vocations that are available and how those might stack up in public opinion. The one that people find to be the best and most efficient are Nurses. I am sure Doctors are up high on the list, but the Nurse is who makes what the Doctor recommends work. They work in all stages of medical care and from the cradling of a new born to those who are not going to be around very long they demonstrate real care and love that keeps them in the business.
My check in at the hospital in the middle of the night was interesting in that the Doctor who eventually agreed I was in the right place looked me over via a video connection was in Seattle. That prompted me to tell her that she was in the very city where I came into this world in the Seattle General Hospital. In addition three of our children were born in that same hospital. The doctor informed me that the Seattle General Hospital no longer exists and that prompted me to say that I have outlived every person and facility that got me here.
Something that prompted me to relate this information was a wish to let all those people who give of themselves to save our lives will always be some of your best friends. They serve a revolving world of people but still demonstrate compassion and great care no matter of how grave the situation might be. The next time you pass an ambulance on the road give them a thumbs up and if you find yourself in the presence of a nurse, give them a hug! The Hospice Nurse will be your last bit of comfort and their kindness will make it all much easier.
Life is an adventure and here we are in this glorious part of the country . Take a big breath and enjoy it while you can. I plan to keep writing about my small place in this big world and hope that sharing it all with you is a worthwhile use of the time I have left. Happy New Year!