Honoring Kathleen Marvin

After nearly two decades of determined hard work as the Director of the Tillamook County Women’s Resource Center Kathleen Marvin is celebrating her esteemed exodus as an agent of positive change with the assistance organization.

Kathleen Marvin accepts a retirement gift from her closest staff.

Fifteen years is a long time but for Kathleen it was a labor of love.  The event took place at the Officer’s Mess Hall at the Port of Tillamook Bay on Jan. 14, and was populated by all of her personal and professional colleagues near and far.  Guests of stature for the evening included Tillamook County Commissioner Bill Baertline, State Department of Justice Representative Christine Heyen, local legal council Deb Dyson, the Director of CARE Erin Skaar and Valery Brace the Victim’s Assistance Liason for the District Attorney’s office.
“A little ice in the mountains in no way diminishes my respect for your work, or my deep appreciation of fifteen years of selfless service, rendered faithfully by Kathleen Marvin,” wrote Senator Betsy Johnson of Kathleen who was saddened that she couldn’t make it due to adverse winter weather problems between Tillamook and Salem.
During her time as Director for the Tillamook County Women’s Resource Center she helmed a great deal of positive change for the local organization that prides itself on offering community aide and assistance to women and families in need of social, counseling, legal and other services that can be hard to come by in these small communities.
“It’s impossible to estimate the profound positive impact that Kathleen, her staff and this place of refuge have on the lives of frightened, hurt or sometimes desperate individuals,”  Senator Johnson said.  Senator Johnson also sequestered $5,000 in donations to go directly toward the Tillamook County Women’s Resource Center as a parting notion to Kathleen’s legacy.
In addition to the kind words by Senator Johnson there were also readings by recently former Tillamook County Commissioner Mark Labhart as well as a speech by current Commissioner Bill Baertline, as well as representatives from victim’s assistance and the District Attorney’s office, as well as Bonnie Bradigan who heads the fund coordination for DHS’s domestic and sexual violence service.
Other speakers included words by her personal and professional colleagues like their in-house legal council Deb Dyson who had nothing but praise for her longtime friend and associate.
“Kathleen is a truly remarkable and beloved woman,” Dyson commented.  “If only every community had a thousand Kathleen Marvin’s.”  She said.